Pre-ordering at Be Our Guest


Has anyone done the pre-ordering for BOG recently or will do so imminently?

I know we can pre-order 30 days in advance but up to what point can you make any changes to your order?
Can you customise your pre-order at all? I’m a vegetarian and I don’t fancy quiche for breakfast, ideally I’d like the croque madame without the ham, I’ve heard Disney are very accommodating when you ask in person but I definitely want to save time with the pre-order!
We are using a QS credit for this will this automatically be taken account of when we make the order and we won’t be charged separately for the drinks?
Do you pre-order your drinks, what do you do if you’d like an additional drink if everything is pre-ordered and pre-paid for?!
We have one lunch and one breakfast reservation and are planning to pre-order for both, however, for lunch it’s difficult to know in advance how hungry we’ll be. As the desserts are all snack credits can you order those separately after you’ve finished your entree?

Thanks, Brizz

Definitely pre-order.

I’m not sure about the customization question, but you can change your order right up to the moment you arrive. You actually have the opportunity to change your order when you pay there.

Speculation here because I have never used the dining plan, but I’m assuming they would apply the charge to your dining plan when you arrive since that’s when those of us without the dining plan pay. I’m sure someone will confirm.

As far as drinks go, all hot and cold beverages are serve yourself. So you can just get refills as needed.

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Thank you, that’s good to know, I’ll try to get everyone to make choices in advance but it’s good to know they can change their mind the night before if they’re feeling fickle!

That’s interesting to know about the drinks - they’re all priced separately on the menus so I hadn’t appreciated that. Is that the same for the alcohol?! Not that I’m planning a mimosa at 8 in the morning before hitting a load of rides but DH might fancy a beer with his lunch on our other MK day…

If you change your order verify the change when you check in. I changed my order last year 3 days before our ADR. The change was not reflected in the food the server brought to our table. They did make the change for us when I said we changed our order several days ago. I confirmed change went through again in MDE while waiting for food.

So the souvenir cups, bottled stuff, milk, and alcohol is different - but tea and coffee and fountain drinks are the self-serve options.

If you decided after you had already checked in and found a table for food to order an extra something, you would have to go through the order line. Since it is QS, servers on the floor are strictly delivering items. They cannot take orders.

We pre-ordered the night before. We paid out of pocket so I can’t speak to the dining credits. My daughter has food allergies and we were able to specialize her order with no issues so I think they would be able to specify no meat for your meal. I cannot stress enough how much you should be sure to pre-order! The line for people that hadn’t ordered was very LONG and we were able to go right in since we’d ordered in advance!


With dining credits, you can add things that you pay out of pocket also. One thing to make sure is that if you are planning on paying for it out of pocket and charge it to your room, you want to double check as one of the meals we did, the last time, we charge to the room for out of pocket and didn’t use the dining plan for this one as we were using the Deluxe dining plan. They had actually charge the dining plan, not the out of pocket.
In previous stays, where I’ve used the dining plan, I’ve had no issues using the credits and paying for something out of pocket. You can also, for breakfast or lunch, preorder, change up until, I believe just before you check in. When you go to the cash register, you can add something there. It shouldn’t be any issue.

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You can make changes up to the second you check in and pay Brizz. And try it out, you can probably customize everything. I removed the greens from my sandwich, substituted the chips for string beans… there’s a lot of customization.
The drinks are refillable all you can drink, serve yourself. You just get an empty glass. And if you fancy another drink… such as coffee you can do that too.
I believe the QS credit is removed upon check in … not when you pre order. Try pre-ordering, play around with it and don’t worry, you can toss it all out as soon as you get there if you’re in the mood. Just be warned, there’s a line to make changes, so you lose a bit of time.


Thanks, that’s all really useful info.

Just to let you know I’ve now done the pre-order, was able to remove the bacon from the croissant sandwich at breakfast but not able to remove the ham from the croque madame and I don’t think there were many other customisation options available.

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So if you preorder, do you just walk in or do you check in and then find a seat? We have ADR for March 31.

Check in and they will direct you where to pay. Then you find your own seat. There are CMs who will tell you what to do at each step.

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I want to echo the pre-ordering. We were in so much faster than everyone else and you can change everything before you pay on sales terminals.
I pre-ordered, changed my order and then sat down. They actually had issues with my order but I got it, ate it and was out in line for SDMT by 8:35. I got to ride twice before RD crowd got there. People who were out around 8:45 only got one shot.
Additionally, the first people in the pre order line were let in early to special fanfare!


There’s no advantage to ordering 30 days out, right? I find that odd. I’m thinking of ordering the night before or even when we wake up. With 2 young kids who knows what they’ll feel like eating at the time!

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Thanks so much, it’s useful to know it makes a difference. The earliest reservation I could get was 8.10 but I understand we can get in MK form 7.45 so the plan is to try and get some photos down a slightly emptier Main Street and then get in as soon as we’re allowed.

There’s Early Morning Magic the day we’re there so I don’t know how early we’ll be allowed to queue up for the rides in Fantasyland. We do have a FPP for 7DMT later in the day but not one for Peter Pan so unless it looks like we can be on and off 7DMT by 8.50ish I think we’ll head straight to PP. (I don’t think my boys will be particularly impressed by it but it’s a classic so needs to be done at least once!)

I only did it straight away as we’re just so excited now that it’s fun having another Disney-related task to complete :joy: And as a picky veggie I wanted to see what I could customise in advance.

We may well change our order the night or morning before but at least as I’ve done it I don’t need to worry about forgetting to pre-order!


As an FYI, I pre-ordered the croissant without the bacon at our visit in January. Unfortunately, the order had the bacon when it was delivered. I explained that I was a vegetarian (and had selected no-bacon in the pre-order) and a new order was quickly made. Disney customer service is always excellent and they were very accommodating. (and the breakfast ended up being delicious. I was very glad to have ordered it!)

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Thanks for the heads up. I really wanted the croque madame without the ham but I couldn’t customise it. I’ll cross fingers they get it right as we really don’t want to get delayed as the only reason we’re doing the PPO breakfast is to get a jump on the RD crowd. - There are (currently) no morning EMH scheduled at MK our first week which scuppered our original touring plan. We have the free UK QSDP so the breakfast looked liked a good use of a credit.

If there’s EMM, you won’t be able to get off SDMT by 8:50. The reports are that they are very strict on those days and wait until 9.
Non-EMM days, as when I went, you can definitively do SDMT and be in line for PP before open.


I went this last January and we were not let on until 9. No EMM they just didn’t let anyone on. I would say be prepared either way. The earlier you can get out of BOG the better too, just because that puts you at the very front of the line and perhaps on the first train.