Pre-ordered meals at BoG Lunch

I have a reservation for lunch at BoG. I decided to pre-order food in an attempt to get to eat the meal a little quicker. I remember reading that I can change my order before I arrive but I’m unclear how far in advance it must be done. Also, if my family decides they don’t want to stop for lunch and I have to cancel, what are the penalties?



There is no penalty for not showing up but be aware more often than not the pre-orders get lost and you have to order again.

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thanks that’s good to know there is no penalty. If we go I’ll plan for a little extra time to place the order.

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When you go through the line, just tell them you pre-ordered. They’ll send you to a separate kiosk, and you’ll be able to make changes even then. We just did a spot-check (since we’ve heard about so many errors), and then paid.

Side note- I was super excited about the light-up mug, but they didn’t bring it with the meal… had to ask about it a few times, actually.

Does that now make it a TS meal?

Lunch is QS meal but when you get a FPP (reservation) you have the option to pre-order your meals. Dinner is TS.

Yes, but now they are making it available for and adr for lunch.

There has been no mention of changing lunch from QS to TS. All they have said is that you will need an ADR which is basically the same thing as the FPP we would get before. They have also said that later this year they will offer a QS Breakfast.

We preordered our lunch for our November trip. Worked great. Got seated quickly and the food came quickly as well. All of our meals were really good.
We really enjoyed our experience.