Pre opening dining reservations

My child is obsessed with meeting Elsa and Anna during our visit to MK. I was lucky enough to score a 7:20am (pre rope drop) reservation to Crystal Palace. We will be there during spring break so I anticipate longer than normal wait times for attractions, but especially the frozen princesses. Do you think I can use my reservation to get into the park early, head toward princess fairytale hall, and skip my dining reservation to get to the front of the line for the princesses? I’m willing to pay the no-show fee for my reservation if it means cutting down on time in line to see Elsa and Anna.

What day? What time is the currently posted Park Opening for that day?

I got an A&E FP+ for 3/24 LAST NIGHT. Keep looking.

I have a reservation for both 3/28 and 3/29. I got FP+ on the night they were released and none were available! Park to open those days at 8am.

I would plan on being at the gate before 7:00 with the hopes that you will be let in to the park early. Any chance you can keep looking and see if you can get BOG instead (other side of the park?).

They will have to let me into at least a portion of the park early since I have 7:20 reservations. I check for new reservations multiple times per day. Will increase checking for FP+ as well.

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Just a thought… you’re hogging up a CP table that another entire family could be enjoying, just so your child doesn’t have to wait in a long line to meet princesses. Seems rather selfish and an abuse of the system, IMO, anyway. If you’re planning to enter the park around 7:15am anyway (to use/abuse your dining reservation), then why not release the dining reservation, get there at 7:15am anyway to get as close to the rope as possible? That way, when they let you in (a little before 8am), you can head straight to A&E and still have a pretty good spot in line?


Well I appreciate your judgment of me. However being that I saved for a long time just to be able to take my children to two days at Magic Kingdom-an experience they will probably never have again. I cannot justify waiting in line for four hours, which is the estimated wait for that experience during spring break. Tickets for that day were approximately $300 so that would mean half of my day ($150) would be spent doing nothing but standing in ONE line. Ideally, we would love to attend our breakfast and then go, however I don’t know that it would be possible in only 40 minutes. So I’m sorry you don’t agree but I actually read the idea on another very popular WDW forum. We do have other dining experiences scheduled that we fully intend on using. As for being selfish, don’t get me started on those hoarding multiple dining times at the same restaurant on the same day until the last minute so they don’t have to make a decision ahead of time.

I’m pretty sure if you are against the rope when they drop it, your wait for A&E won’t be anywhere near four hours. Likely well under 1, possibly under 30 minutes.There aren’t THAT many people that want to be at the park at 7:15am. (Keep in mind, also, however much time you spend being early to the park should be considered part of your “time waiting in line” to see A&E). So, once you get in the actual line, even if it’s 30 minutes, you’ve also spent 45 being early for a total of 75 minutes for A&E.

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[quote=“charlene501, post:7, topic:21702”]
I actually read the idea on another very popular WDW forum. [/quote]
Just because others do it, doesn’t make it right for you to do it.

Agreed. They shouldn’t be doing that. Don’t be one of them.

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Deleted previous post because it adds nothing to this conversation besides the possibility of more arguing. We don’t need more arguing!

Yay Disney! Yay Mickey!


Could you keep your breakie reservation, since it’s @ 7:20, and then go to the Elsa and Anna line up right after. The park may not even be open by the time your done breakfast still. (if the park opens at 9am that morning)

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I realize I wasn’t clear. I suggest you get into CP at 7:00- eat in 45 minutes (it is a buffet so you do not have to wait) even if you only see 3 characters- leave at 7:45 and head over to A &E. That is a plan that should work.


This is a good idea. But you’d have to prepare your kids that they may not get a chance to meet/photograph/autograph with all of the characters if they want to make it out in time to see A&E. CP takes a good hour from the time you arrive, till you’re seated, eat and wait for each character to stop by your table. (Plus, they do a little parade thing with the kids).


adamwsh, for what other reason would anyone book an ADR 40 minutes before Park Open, other than to a shot at beating rope drop? Perhaps those paying hundreds of dollars over market value for a Disney resort room just so they can get EMH are also hogs?

I find the frequent Church-Lady mentality on these boards disturbing.

To have breakfast. Then as an added bonus, hopefully already be in the park pre-RD.
If people are using ADRs just to get in the park, but not actually use the ADR, that’s just wrong, IMO. Call me the church-lady all you want, I’m entitled to my opinion.


Not sure what post you deleted. I thanked prestoncaldwell for telling me they got a last minute FP+ for the attraction I was talking about.

She would be abiding by Disney’s rules, and they would net $30 revenue with no associated cost, so I don’t think Disney has a problem with it. For those who want to sit and have breakfast, my recommendation is that they beat charlene to the reservation.

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I deleted a post of mine, not yours :smiley:


Yes I expect they will get to see maybe 3 out of 4 characters but that is three more than the skipping the ADR plan!


To take pictures on an almost-deserted Main Street.