Pre-MVMCP BOG Dinner or No?

Just grabbed a 5:45pm dinner at BOG the night we have a MVMCP, but I’m debating if it’s a good idea. Can anyone give me feedback on:

  1. Does the Beast meet at BOG during party nights?
  2. How long does BOG dinner usually take? I’m okay with eating into some party time (the overcrowding reports have seriously dampened my expectations!), but I don’t want to feel “stuck” there too long.
  3. Any recent feedback on the quality of dinner there?

If you’re wouldn’t recommend eating there, any other ideas on where you would choose to eat dinner in-park during the party are appreciated! I’d like to eat around 6ish, we eat pretty much any cuisine, and we will have two toddlers.

I went to BOG for dinner just to meet The Beast. While I know my experience was not “normal” it was the worst TS I’ve ever had at any WDW restaurant.

One of the reasons for this, which I have heard happens often, is how long dinner takes. We were there for almost 2 1/2 hours. I’ve heard it should have been about 75 minutes.

If you’ve never been inside BOG it’s a “must see”, but IMHO don’t spend almost $75 - 100 per person for the experience.

Summary -

#1 - Uncertain. You are correct that he only meets at dinner.
#2 - I’ve heard at least one hour - probably more like 75 minutes
#3 - Good, but not worth the price. You are “paying” extra to meet The Beast.

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We had a 6:10 res. On the 12th. Beast is there. You have to wait to meet him, if you want to until after dinner. They also ask that you wait until after you have finished your dinner to explore the restaurant, but then it is fine to look all around. We were out by7:30 and on to the party. We did not stop to see Beast. He walked through the restaurant a couple of times while we were eating. It was $62 for an adult full meal- appetizer, entree and dessert. The food was good, the rooms are beautiful. I would go again.

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I went in February with the new menu and I am going back again in less than two weeks. I had a 6:15 ADR and I was going to do it but the reservation finder found a 4:45 for me (I am entering the party at 2). It did take a little over an hour the last time I was there.

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