Pre existing Condition on Trip Insurance HELP!

HELP me understand please!

I usually buy WDW trip insurance because of my 10 y/o son’s medical history (leukemia survivor), but this year I didn’t. Back in May, I declined the trip insurance when I put my $200 deposit down. Having second thoughts, I called WDW a couple weeks later and was told I could add it to my package at any point up to the final payment. That all makes perfect sense except for the pre existing condition.

Now, this is why I’m confused. My son is having a biopsy done on a growth in his eye on 7/1 and while we are very hopeful it’s nothing, given his history we have to consider it being something. That brings me back to the pre existing condition.

What is WDW policy on that? It used to be you had to buy this insurance at the time of the $200 deposit. Has that changed? Can I buy the insurance up until our final payment due date (8/13) and have what will be a pre existing condition covered? – assuming that this is more than just a growth.

Thanks for any help!

Has no one faced this issue? Any TAs have any info?

I was looking at this yesterday when you posted. It seems as if most trip insurance, if you made a claim they would “look back”. There seemed to be references to companies that may offer a policy that would cove you. You do not have to buy the insurance through wdw travel.

So along the same lines, we bought our insurance quite a few months ago, when there were no problems. My husband has since been having test for leukemia ( I am very frightened) do we need to readjust the insurance or does it stand because there were no issues when we bought it?

The “look back” seemed to say they had the right to check there was not a condition before you bought the insurance. I hope everything turns out ok!

I am hoping that you will find this is not an issue at all. If your son needs treatment maybe you can postpone your trip out? There may be a change fee?

@ajmills keep your head up and stay positive. Hope testing proves not to be leukemia. Sending nothing but good thoughts and prayers your way! (And I think your trip insurance is fine because you bought the policy before medical testing began).

I checked into some other policies, but they seem to be so much more expensive. I downloaded the WDW policy and was reading thru it. The Pre Existing Waiver states “the payment for this plan in received at or before the final Covered Trip deposit/payment for your covered trip.” In 2014, that read just “at or before the final deposit.” The wording changed.

I’m praying it doesn’t matter at all and that pathology comes back clean. Obviously, if there’s a problem I have enough time to cancel the trip and get a full refund, but I will always be concerned with what’s next. When you’ve had the rug pulled out from beneath you before it’s hard to stay completely positive. Just kicking myself for not buying it when I booked the trip.

Please update us after the test! You and your son will be in my thoughts and prayers!