Pre-Cruise Resort Advice

Hello Liners! We are planning to take Disney cruise during spring break next year. We would like to stay in a Disney resort the night before we leave so that we can take advantage of Disney transportation. We will not have time to go into a park (and I don’t want to battle the crowds), but my kids are not likely to understand that if they can see one from the resort. Any advice on a Disney resort where we will know that we are in the wonderful world of Disney but the kids might not realize just how close we are to the parks? Thanks in advance!

Just about anything apart from the monorail resorts.

Even the epcot resorts with how close they are to the international gateway, I don’t think you can really tell it’s just a short stroll away unless you get a room on the upper level facing the park.

Granted, I have never stayed anywhere on-property apart from SSR, OKW, and POR (just now realizing how Disneysprings-centric I have been…)

Hmm, that might depend on how old/attentive/intuitive your kids are. We are staying in a non-Disney hotel before our DCL cruise purposefully to avoid that scenario.

Keep in mind, the Disney transportation from a WDW resort hotel to the DCL cruise is NOT free. If you’re hoping to save money on getting to the port, staying in a Disney resort won’t help. If you just want to use the cool DCL bus and you are happy to pay for it, you can do that as well. Stay in a non-Disney hotel near MCO, then take the hotel shuttle back to the airport in the morning and arrange to have the DCL bus pick you up at the airport. Of course, any decent hotel close enough to the airport to do this will probably cost as much as the value resorts at Disney.