Pre book LL’s starting July 24

Not specifically BG1. Not sure he mentioned any of them by name. Just a generic comment about the side hustle of an industry that’s sprung around it. He actually said “Third party apps that are not Disney approved”.

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Calling America (can’t get a message through)
Calling America (that’s what she said to do)
Calling America (that’s where she has to be)
Calling America (she left a number for me)
Calling America

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I cancelled a trip over the change of FP to FPP because I knew there wasn’t enough time to master the changes to provide the experience my family (and I) wanted and expected. I actually understand this.


While I understand why it wasn’t ideal for everyone, I had more fun running around the park pulling physical FPs than spending the day with my head in my phone.


When I was young, the running around was kind of fun. At 50? Not so much!n🤓


Even better. The extra exercise helps us age gracefully. (I’m over 50 too so not poking fun at your age)


I spoke to Disney earlier about international guests not being able to book in advance.


Oh, you’d like to think so…until you realize that exercise is the number one cause of exercise-related injuries!!!



Most of the time. I had a trip when BG1 wasn’t working where my MDE was rolling crashing. The “my day” tab wouldn’t show up so I couldn’t see my LL or my ADRs and couldn’t make LL. It was a known occurance for android users at the time. I’m hoping they have uppes their IT game. The last upgrade of the ADR system has been fantastic, so we’ll see.


I have to think the shut down of 3rd parties is about paid for systems that use bots so book LL.


Has anyone heard when Touring Plans will be updating their touring planning software to account for the changes to Multi Pass.

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We are going down the first week of September.

They already said the changes are in process.

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My children have fond memories of our multiple magic bands trip. :joy: :innocent:


The only problem I have is there are a few different ways to look for ADRs. But the filters aren’t the same. I don’t like doing it from MDE.

Agreed! And our beloved BG1 is just caught in the fray.


I do like being able to pick my times in advance rather than tweaking constantly to get attractions in the same area in succession, and hopefully plan around dining. But if planning afternoon/evening, will probably be stuck with that 3 as most will already be gone. Last week I was a flying ace booking and tweaking, but melted and had to bail in the heat more than once. Missed ROTR, SDD, TOT, and MMRR due to overheating.


Ultimately I don’t care if it’s legacy FP, FPP, G+ or multi whatever - we’ll learn to make it work the best it can. We had a trip just as FPP rolled out & it was fine.
But we need to be on a level playing field & currently coming from overseas that’s not the case.


Hopefully they figure this out soon!

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I will be heartbroken but forever in Joel’s debt…can it get a tombstone in the HM queue? :rofl:


No one seems to have posted this yet, but Disney managed to send out emails earlier this week to guests with stays on the 24th, telling them they could pre-book starting today.

Today they’ve been sending out corrected emails, “oops we got it wrong”. :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:

Not a good look. Nor a good start to the new system.