Practice adding photos, animated gifs, emoticons

Sally, would it be possible to paste in your excellent instructions for how to add the photos, etc. here in this thread?

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How about a link? I did put the instructions in a Forum thread. Would clicking back and forth be too complicated?

Oh! I just found the post! Sorry Sally!

Don’t be sorry! It’s a great suggestion. Now the tips are linked here. :slight_smile:

Trying to add a picture!


It worked! Is that your son? He’s a cutie.

It is my son. He’s 8, and is showing Santa the homemade card he made him.

I think he’s the perfect age to go to WDW, and I can’t wait to see how he reacts to everything.

It’s hilarious though - he’s not at all excited about meeting characters “It’s just people wearing a costume Mom!” but there he sits on Santa’s lap!


My boys are 7 & 10 and they were great at WDW. Old enough to have touring stamina and maturity, but still young enough to love everything.

That is a sweet picture!

Hi Sally! Thanks for posting this practice thread! I’m having trouble uploading pictures I took with my DSLR. The ones from my phone upload fine. I am wondering if there is a size limit for pics? I

Hmmm…other people have mentioned a size limit issue. I haven’t personally encountered it though. My photos always upload without problems from my PC. It’s a bit baffling. I would try making them smaller, or maybe even try using a different browser? You can email staff if you can’t get it to work. Good luck!!

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