Practically Perfect in....Most Ways! The Overexcited Family Trip a Little Light Fantastic August 2019

15 yards, taunting…:rofl:
@missoverexcited sorry to sully your thread with an American football reference. :sunglasses:


Neither did I!! I don’t know how anyone does.

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I’ll allow it :blush:


With that low of a score, she’ll need the extra yardage :rofl::rofl: (no offense @missoverexcited)


I know! Those targets are ridiculous and there’s no way of really aiming that gun. And that sound it makes is enough to make you go bonkers, especially if the ride stops.

TSM is much better in that regard. But still buzz is always a must do for us.


Hollywood Studios - 15th August

When I first planned this trip, Touring Plans was predicting that Magic Kingdom would be open until 1am the night before. So obviously, I had planned to get to the park around lunchtime the next day. But when my mum saw the plans, she didn’t want to be in the park right before our Yachtsman reservation at 5.30pm. So on day 14 of our holiday, after the latest night of our trip, we were rope dropping yet again!

Our first ride was going to be Toy Story Mania, so I decided that we didn’t need to be super early, and we got the bus about 8.15. There were a lot of people waiting by the time we arrived, so I suggested lining up by Echo Lake instead. This was a great strategy. We were only about 15 people back there, and we were able to get ahead of most of the crowd.

We ended up being among the first to ride. As we rushed through the empty queue, I heard someone shout “Miss Overexcited!” It was @MamaLuvsDisney! She was about 20 people back in the queue (although at that point we were next to each other). We couldn’t really stop to chat though!

When we got to the exit we waited and waited - about 20 mins. But we never saw her. I don’t know how we could possibly have missed her! But we did.

Joe went to Woody’s Lunchbox to get a drink, and then we went to use our 9.30 Slinky Dog Dash FP. I was glad I had booked so many FPs for it, because I would hate to wait for it!

We were ridiculously ahead of schedule - 45 mins I think - so I suggested getting photos at the Toy Story Land entrance. As we wandered over there, I bumped into @MamaLuvsDisney again and this time we stopped for a chat. She was really lovely! My mum told her that they thought I was crazy meeting internet people, and she told my mum that some Liners she met had become really close friends. Mum still didn’t get it though. My dad’s face every time I said I was meeting someone said it all :rofl::rofl:

Then we went to get our photos, and I went for a photo at the Jack Jack wall. I did enjoy my wall photos!

The next stop on the plan was Star Tours. As we walked past the Chinese Theatre, my mum wanted to stop and get a photo. Just then, Joe realised he didn’t have his hat and raced back to Slinky Dog Dash. He was gone for ages as they checked every train for him. While he was gone, we checked out the handprints and signatures.

He returned empty handed, but immediately went back as he had thought of somewhere else it could be. He didn’t find it that time either. I remembered then that he didn’t have it on when I was looking for him in the line at Woody’s. He probably left it on Toy Story Mania. I filled in the online form immediately, but we never got it back.

We took another picture near the Chinese Theatre, and then went to do Star Tours. We were no longer ahead of schedule!! And the line at Star Tours was really long. We had to skip Muppetvision, but we’d already seen it anyway.

We had a 10.30 FP for Tower of Terror so we walked down Sunset Boulevard. I love this ride!

It was still too early for our 11.50 Rock and Roller Coaster FP, so we did some shopping and got some more photopass pics. We’ve got so many but when they’re included, you might as well!

We went back for Rock and Roller Coaster - so much fun! But after we’d got off Joe realised he had left his sunglasses in the pocket. We didn’t bother going back, or filling in a report. They were £3 glasses and he had spares back in our room.

Lunch at ABC was next on the plan, we got a table outside and people watched while we ate. Then I wanted to go to Starbucks. Joe and I both got frappucinos, he got the butterfinger cupcake (as did my dad), and I’d decided it was time to try the carrot cake cookie!

It was huge! We didn’t actually eat our treats at this point, though when we got outside after waiting for our drinks, my dad had already scoffed his. My mum didn’t fancy anything there.

Next it was finally time to watch the Frozen singalong. I had been so looking forward to it, the others hadn’t seen it. But Equity Ben wasn’t in it! He had been in the 1.30 show practically every day of our trip, but on this day he didn’t start till 3.30. Typical! It was still very funny. And we managed to miss the rain while we were in there, which was good timing!

Now it was time for us to take a break and get ready for the Yachtsman! Of course on the way out we stopped for more pics.

Back in our room, I ate half the carrot cake cookie and it was very tasty, but it had raisins in which was unexpected and not a welcome surprise!


None taken, I don’t know what it means :joy:

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I love how all of our recent trip reports have featured the carrot cake cookie :joy:.

I don’t think anyone outside of us Liners really get the idea of meeting up at Disney (or beyond). I think @AllmadhereUK’s DH and DSs thought we were crazy meeting up in DC :joy: though Harry played along quite well!


It’s not an official trip until DS loses a hat or his sunglasses. So far, he’s left his hat on BTMRR (didn’t get that one back) and had it fall off his head on KRR into the water (surprisingly, that one he did get back). He’s left so many sunglasses, but my favorite was last time as he had them tucked into his shirt, leaned over to check out his fish on our fishing excursion and they fell into the water. Don’t leave your sunglasses like this when fishing!


I have meant to try it every trip and never got round to it!

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You just reminded me that Joe left his sunglasses on RnRC that same day!

This is actually our usual start to our MK mornings.


As well they should


Another great installment! Love all the photos. Sorry Joe left a trail of items behind him. :upside_down_face: You definitely had more than your fair share of rain. At least all of you look like you’re having fun!


I had to laugh: my DD lost 2 pairs of sunglasses a total of 3 times on our beach trip this summer. Must be a 14 year old thing! Enjoying your day and excited to hear about Yachtsman.

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All the fun!

Yachtsman and Hollywood Studios - 15th August

Back in the room, we did a bit of packing (there wasn’t much to do because I’d been rolling and packing our dirty clothes as we went along) and then I had the first shower. When I came out Joe had taken off his socks in preparation for his own shower, and told me he had a blister. It was huge!! I had blister plasters but they were a bit small for it really. I put one on it anyway once he’d showered. Then we just chilled in the room - Joe probably found some sport to watch and I read.

We got a Lyft around 5. First we took some pics outside the room. My gorgeous boy :blue_heart:

We got to the Yacht Club with plenty of time to spare and hung out in the lobby for a while. It was nice to check it out.

We checked in and had a short wait to be seated. Our server told us she really liked British TV and a British guest had told her recently she should watch a really funny comedy called Peaky Blinders. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a gritty drama about gangsters in the 1920s who slash people’s eyes with razor blades. Hilarious! :roll_eyes: We tried to steer her away from that and to stick to Downton Abbey :joy:

She took our drinks order, and me, mum and dad all ordered the Captain’s Mai Tai. Joe had Mello Yello. She joked that she thought he was going to order a Mai Tai too which was actually pretty funny because it did sound like that. We all laughed and then my mum said definitely not, he’s only 14. The server turned to me and said “What about you honey, you know you can’t drink at 18 in this country? Do you have ID?” I told her I’m 44!! She started laughing and said she thought I was 16 :smirk::rofl: I told her I have my mum’s good genes. Anyway, the cocktail was delicious!

The bread to start was nice. Dad spread some of the roasted garlic on it, and said it was very tasty. Me and dad had the strip steak with potato gratin, I think Joe had it too but with chips. I don’t know what mum had but it was with sweet potato casserole. We had to ask what exactly it was! We all really enjoyed our meals, though mum thought the casserole was a bit too sweet. We were stuffed! But we weren’t going to skip dessert! Mum and dad had sorbet, Joe and I had creme brûlée. It was good but I preferred the one at Chefs de France. Overall it was a really lovely experience. I enjoyed it far more than last time, and my parents really enjoyed themselves.

Afterwards we walked out to get the boat back to Hollywood Studios. We must have just missed one because we were the only ones there. We just wandered round the lighthouse, chatting and looking at the views while we waited. Or playing with our phones, as the case may be.

Of course, then the boat turned up and the queue was enormous. Luckily a nice lady a few families back beckoned us in front of her, she said she knew we were there before her, which was really kind of her. We even managed to get seats.

We arrived at Hollywood Studios and our first stop was First Aid because Joe was moaning about his blister. But as I suspected, they couldn’t do anything. I was really hoping they would pop it but of course they wouldn’t. They did give us some moleskin and offered some band aids, or plasters as I would call them, but I had some. I put the moleskin over the top of the plaster as they suggested.

Next we had a FP for Star Tours. I didn’t take any pics but I’m sure we enjoyed it. When we came out, it was getting dark and the park was all lit up.

We did some shopping while we thought about whether to go to Fantasmic as we had planned. Eventually, me and my parents decided we would watch it and Joe decided to go back to the hotel with his gimpy foot. It was about 8.45 as we headed down Sunset Boulevard.

Oh my goodness, we hadn’t seen F! since 2000 and I had forgotten how far you have to walk!! It was a good job Joe didn’t come, he’d have had a few more blisters :joy: And I was regretting not going back to the hotel too, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to walk back later! Despite being quite late (it was about 8.55 when we got to our seats) we had no problem finding seats. There was lots of space. Not in the centre section of course, but we weren’t too bothered about that. There were actually still people coming in and finding seats after it had started.

The show wasn’t actually as good as I remembered it. But to be honest I didn’t really remember much! Just the boat with the characters. Joe would have hated it, but we liked it.

As we came out, the Star Wars fireworks were going off all around us. It was at this point that I realised I had never gone to Toy Story Land at night, and now it was too late. Not only that, I had also never gone to Pandora at night! We were supposed to go the day Joe got sick and we left at lunchtime. Next time…

We exited through lightsaber arches,

and got the bus back to POFQ. My mum and dad said that they weren’t going to the parks in the morning, they needed to go to Disney Springs for more presents. I stopped off at Jackson Square to get some sweets for Cass with leftover snack credits, but they didn’t have his favourite red liquorice Mickey heads. I got a few bags of other sweets before going back to our room. Joe was in bed already, and I wasn’t far behind him. Our last sleep at POFQ of the holiday :sob::sob::sob::sob:


I hate when it’s over :frowning:


Me too. I hope we’ll be back in 3 years but I don’t know and I’m sad!


Yes he is!!!