PPO when there is EMM?

I’m wondering if they have PPO breakfasts either at CP or BOG when there is an EMM event? My 180 is next week and I’m trying to decide if we want a PPO when there might be an EMM since it’s a Sunday.

Thank you!

Yes they do. BOG will get you lined up at 7DMT before RD and you might get one ride in. There’s no ride advantage to doing CP pre RD whether there is EMM or not.

Great, thank you! OK, I’ll keep my TS credit for a dinner then. I don’t want to waste precious morning time if I can’t get a ride in. I’m going to shoot for a PPO at BOG then. If we finish our park plan, we can go back to resort and rest before heading back for the night and HEA, hopefully garden party that night.