PPO Reservations for breakfast and transportation

I am getting conflicting answers from cast members regarding transportation on Disney buses for PPO breakfast reservations. Disney Dining told me that there is an early bus at 6:45 for early dining. Because this was in a phone call, I sent an email to Disney to confirn and got the response that buses will start 60 minutes before park opening. Anyone know ?

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I have no idea. But the same thing happened to me when I asked about EMM being refundable. Chat on MDE said no. Park moms said yes.

I don’t know what the official answer is but I’ve always been able to get a bus around 7am for ppo BoG.

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Yes. There will be plenty of bus service for early dining.

Thank you. It started out with the Moms’ Panel telling me that I would have to use a taxi/Lyft/Minnie van. A cast member on WDW Dine told me there would be an early bus. Emailing the question to Disney got me the 60 minutes before park opening. Be nice if there was continuity of knowledge to share with guests.