PPO Garden Grill breakfast coming from BLT

We have a pre-park opening breakfast (8:10) at Garden Grill and we’re staying at BLT. Can we take the monorail or do we have to take the bus? thanks!

According to the times guides, this week, the resort loop is operating 2 hrs before MK/EP opening, and the Epcot monorail 1.5 hours. Pay no attention to the times from Sunday - that’s the Marathon.

I would say that you probably could but the chances that it would be tight are significantly nonzero.

There won’t be a bus from the Contemporary.

When I had to get to Epcot for 7:45 on New Year’s Day, with a 9am open, we took the monorail to the TTC. We then had a choice: they were doing safety checks on the first Epcot monorail, but the6 also had a bus which we were told would leave at 7:30.

We chose to wait, so we’re first onto the monorail and beat the bus.

You can check at the Contemporary before going to the monorail platform. If the resort monorail isn’t running, you could then get a taxi, Uber or Lyft. They may even offer to summon a complimentary car / minibus for you.

Thank you both for this info!