PPO ADRs - Need help separating reservations

First time in the parks in almost 30 years, so kind of a newbie needing help!

We have six people going on our trip, and were having trouble finding ADRs for PPO for all 6 of us. I saw someone on here suggest that we separate our party into two groups and we can all still get in at the 7:45 am time together. I found two reservations at the restaurant we want. One is for 8:20 am for 2 people and one is for 8:30 am for 4 people. But the Disney account won’t let me reserve both together, even though I am listing different guest names. It wants me to cancel my first reservation before I reserve the second.

So I guess my question is…how to I secure two Bfast ADRs for the same restaurant for the same day? How does this trick work? Help is appreciated! Thanks!

You can either call, have another party member made the other ADR, or set up another MDE account is another party member’s name and book the ADR.


I just want to make sure I understand. I put one reservation in my MDE account and another reservation in an MDE account in my husbands name. Even though everyone’s ticket info is on my MDE account, they just need the name (and credit card hold) for his reservation? They don’t need any ticket info on his MDE account for it to work?

Thank you again for the help!

No, you can make dining reservations at 180 days without any reservations or tickets.