PPO ADR if you expect hours to change?


We have only ever be at WWD in the summer. I have never tried for PPO ADRs because every time we have gone so far, close to our park days Disney has extended hours and opened earlier. The first time I was frustrated now I just plan my TP assuming I will end up last minute having an extra hour in the morning. I see people complain on here when their PPO ADR becomes an after park open experience. But I also see the attraction of a PPO ADR. Am I missing something? The idea of a PPO BOG reservation sounds delightful but I think will be a waste for me to pursue because Disney will open earlier than posted at the time I make ADRs. Is there a strategy or trick I am missing? Or am I right to just assume it isn’t worth booking for us because it will end up being after park open?


If you can book a PPO breakfast for BOG on a day they have a scheduled Early Morning Magic, then you’ll be fine, as they can’t extend the hours. You can then get a jump on those rope dropping for either 7dmt or Peter Pan.

In general, if the only reason for booking a PPO breakfast is to be able to get in line early then there is a risk it becomes worthless though.

At AK, it’s an actual hindrance if you plan to head to Pandora.

But if you predict the days for EMH at say Epcot, then a PPO breakfast at Garden Grill gets you into line for Soarin early, and a PPO breakfast at Akershus gets you into line for FEA and/or the M&G.

And at DHS it can help with signing up for Jedi Training, since you can do that before your breakfast. Actually there it’s a help even if it is an EMH day.


Thanks! I was thinking more for the time in the park when it is relatively empty, but certainly getting a jump on the first lines of the day wouldn’t hurt so that is a helpful breakdown.


Sorry to piggyback on this question but I didn’t think it was worthy of a separate thread…We are going 1/26-2/3 2019. I have assumed that in this relatively low time (As Disney Goes) opening and closing times were unlikely to change. I’ve look at past calendars and that seems to be the case. Safe assumption?


It has been a little weird lately. Disney has changed the days EMHs are scheduled at a couple of parks recently. I would t expect it to change, but I think until we all know if this is a new practice everyone should watch carefully.