PPO ADR for large group?

My ADR day is Wednesday! We’re arriving early ahead of a larger group for a wedding. I am making a few larger reservations for the group. This is my first time and I was playing around with reservations and saw that you can just do guest 1, guest 2, etc. But if I’m reserving a PPO reservation, do I need to have our MDE accounts linked so they can be on the list to get into the park early? I was thinking of doing a PPO ADR at BOG.

I’ve never input more than my name on an ADR before but we also always have everyone in our party with us so they just verify the name the ADR is under as well as number of guests. Will you be able to meet up to check in at the same time? If not, then it would probably be beneficial to link MDE accounts at some point. I wouldn’t necessarily bother with it on ADR day especially if you are trying to secure several reservations. Just do it as you have time.

Thanks! It might be hard to meet everyone outside the gate. I think I’ll try for it and cancel if we get closer and others are not excited about arriving that early.