PPO ADR BOG worth it for 7DMT

Is PPO ADR at BOG worth doing for access to 7DMT and fantasyland? Would your answer be different if there was emm but I’m not purchasing emm? Also, I’ve seen mixed answers on this, but does everyone have to order a meal? I think I know the answer is no, but we aren’t going until December and who knows what will change between now and then.

Do you have a FPP for it? I assume not. We got out in 40 minutes but I have read of others getting delayed and not out on time so there’s no guarantee. If not on DDP and that’s your only reason for going, it’s expensive. As of now, not everyone has to order something or you can order a cupcake.

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As stated above, it’s hit or miss. You might be out and waiting as close to the ride as they’ll allow 15 minutes early or there will be some issue at BOG (computer system will be down / glitching or kitchen running slow) and you’ll be stuck there well after park opening. BOG is IMHO the least reliable PPO restaurant if you are just trying to get access to rides at RD.

Since you are so far out have you considered doing EMM? It costs about $40+ per person (with tax & gratuity) for a PPO BOG breakfast. For $89 (plus tax) you can get exclusive access to 7 Fantasyland attractions (including 7DMT) an all-you-care-to-eat breakfast from 7:45am - 10am. (Rides exclusive only until 9am, but the food is open for until 10am)

You have almost a year to save up those extra dollars and IMHO this a great time!

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I don’t know when you are going in December. But if you don’t get an acceptable FPP time or a FPP for 7DMT, Disney might open MK earlier and you can snag an early FPP then.

We were going to be in MK on December 15, 2019. For FPP reservations, it was exactly at 60 days. I couldn’t get a 7DMT FPP. So, I booked PPO ADR for BOG at 8:10 for a 9 opening. About 3 weeks before our arrival, Disney announced MK was going to open at 8 instead of 9, which meant Disney released a whole slew of FPPs for 8 AM - 9 AM. At that point, I traded our BTMR FPP for an 8:30 7DMT FPP. And I cancelled our PPO at BOG. Disney did open up PPO at BOG beginning at 7:30 AM but we aren’t big breakfast people and would rather spend the time on rides. By 9:30, we had ridden BTMR 2x, HM, WTP, Under the Sea, and 7DMT.

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Thanks! I’ll keep a watch on any park time changes!

Hi - we were there that day (12/15) and I had a PPO BOG for 7:30. It was totally useless as they didn’t let us into the park until 7:45. No clue what happened but we ditched on the ADR to stick with our touring plan (my older son was determined to ride all three mountains). Luckily I’d swapped out a FP when the opening time switch occurred so I was able to snag a 7DMT fairly last minute. Even doing that ride third, we were still able to do it Standby once (wait time about 25 mins), then do it right after with our FP - just making it under the window of the grace period.


Whatever happened to the 7:30 PPO!!! So sorry your PPO BOG ADR was a terrible experience! :unamused:

But it sounds like you got everything you wanted done without the PPO. I hope you had a magical day at MK!

It sounds like we were in MK at the same time. We may have crossed paths during the day.

Thank you but luckily it worked out just fine (they even credited me back the $40 we were charged for missing the ADR which was nice but certainly not expected).

I’d done a BOG PPO ADR on a prior trip and had another ADR there for later in the week. If it’d been my first time or only time - and if I’d really been counting on it, it would not have been optimal.

I still think EMM is the best bang for the $ like @darkmite2 suggests. Dates just didn’t work out for us this trip.



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We did it on 1/5 and we got 3 rides before RD got there. The key is for it to not be EMH or EMM.


We did this on an EMM morning. I’d call it a win/lose. We were on two tickets and one order was lost. Party that ate had great success riding between EMM and rope drop crowd. This was a successful introduction to roller coasters for my 6 year old DS, which was my main goal. Party stuck at BOG waiting on food was a little cranky, but received anytime FPP for any ride except SDMT. :woman_shrugging:

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Do they do these during busier times? Usually the earliest reservation you NC an ever get at BOG is 8:05, regardless of park opening - which means if they move park opening to 8, then the early ADR strategy goes away.

I’m not sure, this was the first time I’d seen it. I looked for information on it when booking but found nothing. Figured it was worth a chance but knew it was a crapshoot. And that’s exactly how it panned out.

We did EMM in 2018 (I think it was 12/14) and it was awesome. The next day we did a PPO at BOG and it went well (other than my husband not ordering his food until I tossed him the phone with the menu up as we were walking up Main Street).

All that being said, BOG is my least favorite PPO ADR. #1 is Garden Grill as you just sit and eat. No going to the buffet for food.

We were there with a PPO at BOG on 1/5 and were able to ride 7DMT 3 times. There were not EMH or EMM though. We had 7DMT, carousel, dumbo, and were getting on Pooh by 9:10.

Same experience @Firsttripdisneydad. On 1/9, they let the BOG-ers onto SDMT at about 10 minutes to 9:00. We rode twice but there was time for a third before RD. Pre-ordered food came fast, even with a mix up on our order. The rope drop line became crazy quickly!

I think it’s definitely worth doing in EMM isn’t an option for you.