PPO ADR and FPP Advice Needed Please!

At my 60 day window I got FPPs for 7DMT and Peter Pan’s flight. Thanks to the reservation finder, I now have PPO ADRs for Be Our Guest. My question is, should I change my FPPs to something else since I could possibly ride 7DMT and PPF before those without a PPO ADR, or should I keep them?

From the research I’ve done you should be able to do both before other guests are let in. That is my plan too so I can use my my FPP’s on other attractions… What time is your reservation? I’ve read that as as long as its before 9:00 you should be able to get in at at eat right away no matter what time your actual reservation is for.

Yes, I read they start letting those with PPO ADRs in as early as 7:45, our reservation is for 8:15. I may keep my FPPs as is and if we are able to ride 7DMT and PPF that morning, I will go in and modify my FPPs for other rides. I just have four children from ages 2-9 so I want make sure we get to ride those!

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Also, when is your trip? If hours are extended, suddenly that PPO breakfast isn’t an advantage. Would anyone want to re-ride 7dmt later on?

I wouldn’t cancel them just yet, wait and see what happens to park hours first.

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That’s what I’d do. Though I’d definitely want to do 7DMT again.

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As of now, the park is opening at 9AM. We will be there December 6th! I think I will keep them and possibly modify based on whether they would want to ride them more than once! Thank you!

good idea! I have 2 girls, 3 and 6, so I knew they would enjoy Enchanted tales and the Mickey at town square so I’m doing fast passes for those for sure, it’s seems like those are gone before the day even starts!

Yes, those go fast as well! We have an FPP for Enchanted Tales our second day in MK, but I was also debating on getting one for Town Square Mickey. Decisions, decisions…I have changed my plans so many times!!!

One comment. Remember to download the Disney app to your smartphone. Then you can see how things are going when you get to MK and adjust via phone app accordingly.

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If you are done eating before park opening they begin to line up people coming out of BOG along side the ride. They then are sure to get you in before anyone else gets there. You may be able to get 2 rides in before the wait gets too long. I will usually ride 7DMT once then head over to Peter Pan.

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That’s what I’m hoping to do!

I agree with this. We had a PPO breakfast at HS and the touring plan estimated a 25 min wait for TSMM at about 9:45 or so. We got out early just shortly after rope drop (about 9:05) and there was a 90 minute wait already. I know that’s different because there’s limited rides at HS for there to be tiers, but I’d be careful about cancelling those hard to get fast passes assuming you’ll get there ahead of time. If it takes you a while to get seated or service is slower than expected, you might not be out as early as you expected. It’s most likely going to be easier to book a same day FPP for some of the other rides than those two. If you decide you don’t want to do it again, you could always modify your FPP to a different attraction.

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