Power outlets in the Contempo Cafe

Calling Guest Services has left me with conflicting info (I’ll pause here while you feign shock). So… time to ask the experts: on my next trip I’ll need to plug my laptop into a power outlet, ideally at the Contempo Cafe but I’ll settle to plug in at the Outer Rim.

Is this possible, has anyone seen outlets? I’ve been searching the net trying to find photos of a power outlet sighted in the background on a wall, but I haven’t seen one except behind the bar at Outer Rim. But to be fair, no photos are really focusing on the walls but rather the dishes.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: I need it to be a 110v standard 3 pronged. Guest services told me that there’s outlets (after initially telling me there wasn’t any), but they’re not sure where and I need to ask a Cast Member when I get there, but I’d rather hedge my bets and know for sure that they’re there and it’ll work.

I have no answer. But, is this a direct phone number to that specific location? If so, you might just call them directly:


No. It’s not the direct line. That’s 407-WDW-DINE. Which is what I’ve already called

Then I’m useless to you.

(Yes. I set myself up there.)

I found a picture with outlets visible behind a coffee machine. An extension cord and a sense of entitlement should get you what you need.


I have the extension cord… just need the actual location. The sense of entitlement will be packed. (It’ll be a tight fit in the overhead, but I’ll make it work)

Also, I know there’s gotta be SOMETHING, I mean, how else do they plug in the vacuums? I just hope they’re not “services only”.

Just carry a clipboard and strongly imply you’re conducting an audit.

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shoot. I was just there last week and could have looked for you. So I too am useless

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Thanks to the efforts of the absolutely lovely @hmbhmbhmb, we now have an answer to the question:

Big —no, HUGE— thanks to her again for taking time out of her vacation to recon this.

(Also, go read the trip report. Good stuff.)


Aw shucks! It’s the least I could do — I love that I get to lend a hand to this community! And especially for someone who so generously brings us along on your trips! :wink: