Potraitist locations in DW

Is there a list of the locations of the potraitists at the resorts and in the parks. I had an artist portrait of my sons at DL when they were 9 & 7. My daughters are now that age and I would like a similar portrait of them. First trip so don’t know the lay of the land (or lands) so to speak. TIA!

I first read that as “podiatrist”… I have never seen a list of where they are located. They may even be mobile, setting up in different places at different times.


Do you mean the oil paintings? I have see them each time we have been to yacht and beach club in the lobby during afternoons an I think by apointment.

The ones I’m thinking of look to be done in pastels , i think thats the right term-i’m not too artsy–rather than paint. Any in the parks or at the MK resorts?We won’t be making it to yacht or beach club, but I appreciate the reply. If the potraitists are roving does this mean they are independent and won’t accept a room charge or Disney GC as payment.

There are pastel sketches done at MK near Hall of Presidents and sometimes on Main Street USA near Uptown jewelers. I believe they are a separate company like the silhouette folks and pick a pearl and will not do room charge. I could however be wrong about the forms of payment. My parents have one of me when I was little - they really are pretty.

Me too. Several times now! :smile:

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