POTC to close for refurbishment May-Sept 2015? (Now JUNE 8)

I’m seeing reports on the web of a planned closure of Pirates of the Caribbean beginning May 11, 2015 to last through September. I’m not seeing it in any news sources yet, just blogs and forums. Is there anything to it? It would be a big disappointment for it to be closed down during our trip this June.

Is there anything to this, or is it just rumor at this point?

EDIT: The WDW website confirms that the closure date will be June 8, 2015.

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Technically it’s all rumor until Disney officially announces it. Also, the blogs could all be referencing each other at this point too. But this doesn’t sound like an unlikely event.

It is also noted to be closed on the interactive calendar on walt disney world’s website- sorry, I do not think it is a rumor anymore.

Thanks! I hadn’t checked there yet.

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It’s on WDWMagic. On my phone so can’t post the link…

I noticed that, too. Alas, it looks like we’ll be missing POTC this June. DD will be very disappointed.

Hopefully they’ll make it better and more reliable so that it’ll be perfect for the next time we go.

Yeah, I’ve heard it from CMs confirming it, and saying that they think 4 months isn’t even enough…

At a PC now; here’s the link http://www.wdwmagic.com/attractions/pirates-of-the-caribbean/news/24feb2015-pirates-of-the-caribbean-closing-for-major-refurbishment-from-may.htm

It’s unfortunate for people going during that window, but from everything I’ve heard this is sorely needed and has been for a while. Hopefully four months will be enough! I’d hate to have it down for four months and still suffering from issues when it’s reopened.

Oh, so bummed. Just learning this now. This was my favorite ride as a kid, and this is probably the ride that I’ve been hyping the most to my DS5 and DD5 (yep twins, who will almost be 6 by the time we get there in Sept.). Darnit.

UPDATE: According to WDW Info, the refurb has been pushed back to June 8, to be closed through 9/25.


EDIT: The Walt Disney World website confirms this; the closure will begin June 8, 2015.



This is the greatest news, does @len know the date has changed? Want to add it to my May TP. :smiley:


I would love to have this added back into the system so I can add it to our TP, too!