Postponing leads to refund?

When you postpone a Disney trip to a different date, do you get refunded or can u transfer the amount u paid to the new date automatically? If we cancel this summer and postpone to next summer, will my Disney gift cards be refunded or can I just ask Disney to hold on to what I paid but just transfer it to new date? Thanks

It’s typically a cancel and rebook, but if you call you may be able to modify dates without actually cancel and rebooking.

Refunds are made to the original form of payment, so however you deposited is how you would be refunded.

All of that said you cannot book a package for 2021 yet. You can do a room-only reservation but would have to call for any dates from 1/1/21 and after. Packages typically open up in late June but goodness knows if that too will be impacted with all this insanity.

They have been allowing you to book “ticketless packages” currently for 2021, due to the crisis. You do have to call. But I was able to reserve a room for 9 nights next April for only a $200 package deposit (instead of the 1 night room only deposit). You can’t book a real package until June though.