Posting wait time in app for Universal - How?

Our first two trips, I vaguely tried to manually calculate some wait times. But I always forgot when I saw the ride vehicle. I want to be a good citizen for our next trip, so I was investigating and I saw this handy-dandy “Time Your Wait”. So I clicked on it. It wants me to choose my park and it only gives me the option of the 4 Disney World parks. This is in UOR Lines app. Did the apps get mangled together when I downloaded? I probably had downloaded the Disney one first. Or maybe the Universal doesn’t have the ability to do that.

When I had the old WDW app the Uni app would always open in the WDW app. See if you go to chat and refresh if it will re-set.

Oooh, now it works. Maybe my problem was that I was always trying when the parks were closed.

I can’t answer your actual question, but I can tell you that that’s not how I’ve submitted times in the past.
I’ve always just selected the attraction first then there’s a +Time button in the top right of your selected attraction and the rest is obvious from there.
I’ve never used a drop down to get to the attraction. Just from Parks, then whatever attraction you’re timing.


Me too

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A couple of screenshots to show you what I mean…

Here I would select the park I’m in.

Here I would choose my attraction.

Top right is the +Time button

Hope this helps.

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You are so awesome!

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Related question. Is there any way to get a list of all wait times you submitted for a given day? That might be kinda neat. You could look back over your day.

Day of, I have always been able to see that day’s posting “my chats and stats” on the home page.


I don’t think there is other that what @PrincipalTinker said, although I’ve never seen that as I’ve only looked for them at the end of a trip.
It would be interesting to see how long you actually waited for things. I’m usually only savvy enough to stop the timer and don’t actually pay attention to what the time was.

Particularly at the end of that day, as a way of reliving it. Since, the time between postings would be ride time and then walk to the next. At the end of the day, you’d still remember, oh, that big block of time was when we were doing X.