Posting our TPs for upcoming Jan/Feb trip just looking for feedback

Just posting links to our plans to make sure I’m not missing something obvious ect…any input or advise is very much welcomed :smile:

Myself, Wife, DS 10, DS 8, DS 2.5

1/27/15-2/4/15 Staying at POP

Plan on taking breaks when possible and DS 2.5 does sleep in a stroller if needed. Older kids will likely stay in the park during most break times with one of the adults while the other parent goes back to hotel with DS 2.5. We plan on gathering rider swap passes in the morning where available to help out with afternoon touring with the older siblings while the youngest is resting.

Overall plan was to schedule our FPPs earlier in the day to try and snag more of them as the day goes on since it’s a slower time of year. (rolling the dice…I know) None of our TPs depend on those 4th 5th 6th ect…FPPs, so if they become available then they will be a bonus and help things run a little quicker.

Day 1:
11:20 Arrival at MCO
TP for afternoon evening at MK
We have FPP for MSEP and Wishes and intend to use them

Day 2:
1st full day at MK

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Day 6:
DHS Super Bowl Sunday
Plan on doing single rider at RnRC 1st thing while wife and kids go to sign up DS 8 and DS 10 for Jedi Training Academy. The afternoon schedule on this day will be flexible depending on how the afternoon goes on Day 4, and if we were able to see Fantasmic that day (fingers crossed)

Day 7:
Epcot Day 2
1st…I plan on riding TT at rope drop…but I could not get the touring plan to optimize properly…so I just moved our start time to 9:30 to accommodate the time required to ride TT at RD.
The late afternoon/evening of this plan is flexible as well. Assuming we saw Illuminations on EP day 1, then we do not have to stay until close this night.

Day 8:
MK…last full day at WDW

Day 9:
Flight leaves MCO at 6:20PM. Figure we need to be out of MK by 1:30-2:00
Morning/Early afternoon at MK:

At some point along the line I’ll try to fit in Pirate Tutorial (likely during one of the afternoon breaks for DS 2) and Pirate’s Adventure into one of the MK days.

Would also like to fit in a potential dinner or late snack (sharing a cpl CS dinners) at Puck Express in DTD somewhere along the line if we can make it work. The same goes for heading over to AoA (from POP) for a potential late CS sharing meal as well.

Not sure what else to include. Hopefully I have not missed any major issues here.

Thanks for any and all input…it’s appreciated :smile:

This looks AWESOME as a trip - so jealous of the 9 days! A couple Epcot Day 2 thoughts - we did the same thing TT at RD (worked great!) then Sum of all Thrills right after. We ended up riding Sum 4 times, so just watch out for that if it takes more time :slight_smile: There was no wait, and the kids loved it! Then we found that Orange had a long wait (FPP necessary) but Green only had a 10 minute wait that time of day, so we rode it several times too - if you are flexible to ride Green.

At MK, are you going to ride Tomorrowland Speedway?

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Overall I think it’s great!
A couple picky points:

  1. On your first day, not sure you’ll have time to fit in the PeopleMover between MSEP and Wishes… I think that’s a little ambitious. I’d suggest, go to the wishes FPP spot, spread out on the grass with a snack, and take a breather.
  2. I think your DHS day is a little ambitious. That’s a LOT of shows and things for one day. By this point in your trip your kids may revolt and demand a day off. A good compromise is to just go for the morning, ride TOT, TSMM, RnR, Star Tours, watch DisJr for the 2.5 year old, and get the heck out and enjoy the pool/arcade/roaming like the feral children they wish they could be.
  3. If you have a comfortable enough stroller and 2.5 year old naps well in it, you may not have to leave the park, BUT DS2.5 may declare in no uncertain terms that at 5 pm ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and he needs to get out, no matter how exciting everything is. Our kids (who have been as DSs0/2, 1/3, 2/4 AND 3/5) are usually toast by 1 pm and have zero interest in returning - they just want to hang out at the resort and look at all the cool stuff. Be sure to bring him from Pop over to the Cars area at AoA (which my kids liked better than ANY ride…) (Not trying to rain on your parade, just suggesting that you have a backup plan that is completely unstructured at the hotel starting at 2 pm. Just in case.)
    Looks like a fantastic trip! Enjoy! Oh, and keep in mind, if you scrap an entire day of your plan, which you won’t have to do, but just in case you did… it’ll still be a fantastic trip.

looks like a lot of fun. my only thought is that your breaks of 180 min, leaving the park may not be long enough. walking out of the park, waiting for a bus, driving back to hotel, walking back to room, all takes longer than you may think. if you are hoping to swim or do anything during these breaks, if may feel that you are not getting much of a break at all. my only thought might be to give yourself a little more time for these breaks. if you’re truly just going back to the room to lay down or change clothes, it’s probably okay. just my opinion!
also, I didn’t look through them all, but are you doing RD every day? if so, you may want at least one sleep in day unless your family are naturally very early risers.


I noticed there may not be time for character meets. My kids always insist on having pictures made with characters. There are several at every park, some with lengthy lines. If it were me, I would skip some of the less popular attractions and spend that time getting pictures with characters such as Up characters, Phineas and Ferb, Woody, Buzz, etc. We ran into that problem last time and it killed my tp!!

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Oh yeah - great points and for sure take them over to AoA to check it out!

Thank you all for the feedback :slight_smile: All suggestions duly noted.

I agree with making sure to be flexible and not feeling the absolute need to hit every single box on the TP lists :smile:

Breaks are scheduled to be strictly rest time…I don’t expect to be hitting the pools this time of year…but you are correct that 3 hours might be tight…I’ll keep that in mind…we have no FPPs or ADRs that run real close to break time so I’ll play it by ear there.

I tried to work in some character meets here and there…a cpl character meals…but at DHS in particular I’m going to try to keep the afternoons flexible for that. We don’t need to see EVERY show. Looking to hit a characterpalooza there and see Sorcerer Mickey…maybe Jake…I’ll let the kids chime in on that :wink:

@awillard: I do have Speedway in the Day 2 schedule…about 5:30 pm.

@mossmacl: Agreed about day 1 and peoplemover…I grappled back and forth with that…was thinking grabbing a snack from the Bakery and heading to Wishes spot might be the better option…TY for the input there :smile: I’ll keep a close eye on the crankiness factor. Last time we went the older boys were 5 and 2.5…we made sure to take the daily break with them and things went well even with repeated RDs. If DHS day 1 does not work according to plan then I’ll have time available on DHS day 2 to work with…It is optimistic but I wont let the plan get in the way of us enjoying ourselves :smile: no sprinting across the park…I promise. Only absolute requiement at DHS on this trip is Fantasmic…which we missed last time…I know I know…I should have booked the ADR package…I dropped the ball on that one :frowning:

Thank you all again for taking the time to look and giving your thoughts…it is appreciated :slight_smile: Always looking for extra sets of eyes and different approaches :smile: