Posted or Actual

I was just wondering is it better to post Actual wait times from the app over posted, or of course it might be more useful to have both.
The final option is not to post anything as you guys have enough data, I’d like to give something back as all the information and data I’ve had from this site and app have been amazing, so thank you.

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I believe that they want actual wait times.

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i usually note the posted wait time when I enter the queue and then time the actual wait time.


They’ve never got enough data. Both times are useful.


Thanks all, I’ll try my best to do both as I make my way around the parks! Only another 36 days to wait!!

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It’s easy to do both.

Add the posted wait time as you approach.

Then, time your wait.

Both are useful.


I do the same thing. I always submit the posted and then get ready to hit the timer.