Post your favorite pics from your trip


I am leaving in two days (cannot even believe it) and I am trying to plan a few nice spots at the parks to take pics. DH is a photographer and will have his real camera with him, but I am also interested in your iPhone pics. Someone posted a great one on here a few weeks ago from a trip that I have already. If you have a pic you love, would love to see it! Thanks.


I have a couple:



I’m not sure how those few random beach week pics got in there. Disregard. Lol


This is from a digital camera.


At least the card game is Disney, and not Cards Against Humanity…


We never don’t Disney in this family. It’s a little scary to outsiders.


LOL! :joy::rofl::grin::grinning::joy::rofl::grin::grinning:


I’m more concerned that you have left out your photos of the elusive Disney Cranes…:upside_down_face:


Here are a couple of mine.


This is so much fun!! I could post a few thousand pics, but I won’t torture everyone.


A very sneaky great one with not too many people:
The castle, from the tables next to Sleepy Hollow. You should be able to get some great ones there, and probably not a lot of ppl around.

Also, if you dare, the view of the castle just before the plunge on Splash. I know I could get my phone back into safety to get a few good ones, but I chickened out. I haven’t seen all of my pics from a few weeks ago yet, but I’ll add some when I can review.

Astro Orbiter is another great one to remember to bring the cam with. Even just on the platform, before/after the ride. I would try to get on one of the “ships” opposite the platform, maybe a little to the right when you are facing out towards the park from the platform. Strap in quick, and start taking pics, OR, walk quickly out on the platform, start taking pics right away before you board.

Jumping fountains at Epcot. Try to time it right so the arc of water is over the subject’s head. It’ll take a few tries, but you’ll get the timing right.

Infamous “sleeping” poses. Once you figure out the timing of the ride photos, try to strike a sleeping pose. Easy rides to time: Tower Of Terror, Splash, Everest. Usually, they try to take the photos during an exciting part, so everyone else might be screaming, yet you are pretending to sleep. Me and Jr got a few of these. (shout out to HakunaMatata, I think, for this gem,)



These are all great! Thanks duo much, and also greatly appreciate the tips!


Dawn on the lake


That is a REAL nice Everest!



You can play Disneyfied versions of Cards Against Humanity, and CAH-ified versions of Apples to Apples.

It’s all in how your mind works… :angel::smiley:


Torture, Living Vicariously… Tomayto, Tomahto… :smiley:


Well, MOST of the pictures are on my wife’s phone/account. But I do have a handful. Not great ones. But here are three:

This is me, my DD12 (at the time), and my wife.

(For the record, I took the picture BEFORE the ride was in motion, while people were still boarding. Never take on-ride photos!)

DS6 (at the time) proud of himself for having stolen my cap while in tomorrowland!

This was kind of a “mean” picture, because I was taking it to mock my oldest son because we were all there having a great time, and he was missing (since he was taking classes at U of M). In order from left to right: DS6, DW, DD12, DS17, DS14.

As I said. All the good ones my wife took! :slight_smile: