Post Trip Update: Staying offsite champions gate

So we stayed for a little over a week at Champions Gate at the Reunion area. We had a 6bdr 6ba house with heated pool and spa, movie room (6 recliners), game room with 3 video game screens. 4 en-suites, one of them ground level for Grandma. LOVED the house. Also went to the clubhouse area which had lazy river/pool/slide and kids splash pad.

Some thoughts about staying offsite:

  1. WAAAY cheaper than staying onsite in same level of luxury. Would have cost us 16K for same stay at Contemporary. (4rooms/4ba needed). This cost under 3K. There were cheaper places avail, but without some of the highest end amenities (movie theatre room).
  2. I-4 travel can be variable. Generally heavier traffic ends around the Champions Gate area merge and on good day 25min from starting engine to parking/stopping engine. Bad day took us 45min to get home. There are back roads, use them well.
  3. If you need a scooter, only K+M will deliver here. Was happy with their service.
  4. Ultimately, while we could prepare our own meals in a fully stocked kitchen, we were generally tired from the parks and “on vacation” so didn’t want to.
  5. There is a great Publix, Walgreens, and some good places to eat nearby.
  6. Valet parking at Contemporary is your friend. We found out we could do this first day (Chef Mickey) and then when we had a mid day break/return to our house, you can re-valet park no charge (just tip). We did this for a return HEA Dessert Party. Also chose to valet there on our 2nd MK day (we had EMM that am) and avoid the TTC mess as we were running a little late…great plan!
  7. The drive turned about to be the same time as busses take for a return for mid-afternoon break. Unless you get caught in traffic. Again, see #2 about the back roads. Especially for AK, since it’s such a straight shot.
  8. Although we did miss the 60d FPP, we did not end up missing the EMH, and instead chose parks that didn’t have them that day with success. Was not able to get FPPs for FOP and SDMT. Ended up RD FOP (worked well) and then did EMM for SDMT, in which we enjoyed the empty park anyway.

Since no one had any information when I asked my questions before the trip, I would be happy to answer anyone else considering staying here. Highly recommend.


Thanks for posting. We have always stayed off site, renting condos or houses.

I’m not familiar with Champions Gate specifically, but I’ll keep it in mind. We have a WAY OFF in the future plan to go in 2023 where we rent a huge house like you described and have everyone stay together.

Glad to read one can have a good time without the on-site perks.

Thanks @khayes4, we are staying off site at reunion resort house for our upcoming Easter trip and have been stressing somewhat. Your notes are great, I luckily was able to snag a FOP FPP in fact 2 different days one at night and one in morning so we are good there. What I have been worried about is Easter mass. We always go to services at Contemporary, then to Wave for brunch, but always took Disney transport. So I can just valet at Contemporary all day for we planned MK after brunch. I was afraid we would be turned away from parking there with crowds on Easter, but sounds like valet may be the way too go. Thoughts?

You mention backroads. Did you use google maps or waze app to get around?

I have not tried during busy time, but valet the way to go. I got 3rd degree parking in am with a lunch ressie, but no grief once I told them plans to valet.

Sherbeth is the backroad into AK but look at the maps for better ways. Stay off I4 if you can. I studied the maps a bit before I went. Think about trying to go towards 192, turning by Walmart to take back road home (lake Wilson)…tho note this road goes by different names at different places/signs.

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