Post Trip Report

Alright, we are just getting back from a whirlwind vacation at WDW with DD5, DS2.5, DH and I. On some days we also had family members join us.

Here’s my recap with many lessons learned. We had a great time and I can’t wait to do it again.

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We were at the park at 6:45 AM to make sure we could do FOP. We added this night last minute so we had to stay at B Hotel at Disney Springs to make sure we had the EMH since SOG was booked for that night. I thought that by linking this reservation to MDE, my magic band would be all set. BIG MISTAKE. I needed this white and blue card. I was so frustrated at myself because I asked so many questions on the forum and never thought about checking on that here. Also, B resort never mentioned it when we checked in or when we checked out!

Despite being the first ones in line, we were held up when they checked magic bands for resort stays. My sister and brother were able to run right through. They were asked where they were staying at the CM let them in. DH and I however were asked to go back to Guest Services and show them our reservation. At this point, I am crying on the inside. I see EVERY single person who got there after us running past us to FOP. The CM was really nice but at this point my fingers couldn’t type fast enough so I couldn’t pull up our reservation. He said no problem, give me your last name and room number I will call them. The whole ordeal still took about 15 minutes at this point, rivers of people were running past us. More crying on the inside for me. Finally I got it and amazing race style we RAN to the ride. DH was super flustered at this point but we got in line. We did the rider switch and waited. He waited maybe 20 minutes which is not bad. I should have taken the kids to Navi and just gotten it done but I was also just so flustered that I just waited. We did go see the Banshees but then waited for DH.

DH walked out with the rider switch that would allow 3 more rides. I thought I would go in with my sister and brother since they had also woken up early to be there on time. BUT my sister’s boyfriend who had refused to wake up early was like “oh great now I can ride too.” I looked at my sister in disbelief and she said “yep, sounds like a plan.” She grabbed the ticket and I felt so bad for my brother. Normally I would have said something but again I was just so flustered that I didn’t react.

From there DH went to the Navi river and rode it with an 11 minute line. I followed and had a 30 minute line. From that point on the day went pretty smoothly, we did the Maharan Jungle Trek, the Safari, the Gorilla Trail, and FOLK.

Lunch at Tusker House was great for the kids. It was a little stressful for us parents. Getting the book out, make sure to take the picture then run to get food before the next one comes but totally worth it.

I had an FPP for the Navi river after lunch but since I had already done it and we were running behind I decided to switch it. I didn’t want to go back to Pandora again or it so instead we went to the Nemo show and got an FPP for KRR at the end of the day. We visited the Boneyeard, the Tricera Top Spins. We met Pluto while in line for the TriceraTops. We tried going to the new UP show but were the first ones to be turned down. It was the last show so we just didn’t luck out.

We took a water break and then DH and I took turns seeing “Its Tough to be a Bug” while the kids played in the Discovery island Trails. So glad we did that they would have been traumatized from the show. We went to see Pocahontas next and goodness what a serene experience. The shaded line, the music, Pocahontas’ demeanor made for a really relaxing experience.

Our last stop was split. DH and DS went to see Mickey & Minnie standby and I went to KRR with DD with an FPP. DH said the wait was terrible on standby for the meet and greet and I regret not double checking for another FPP on this but oh well.

It was a really great day despite the major drama in the morning. We got our goal accomplished of riding FOP but we know better for next time!


10-midnight on first day – MK

MK was open until midnight. My brother had already hopped from AK to MK and asked me if I would be willing to join him after I put the kids down for the night. I jumped on the opportunity. We did Buzz first, then he had gotten us FPP’s for Peter Pan and then we did standby for 7DMT and waited about 30 minutes and then ran over to Space and did about another 30 minutes. (We spent a lot of this time talking about the drama that had ensued in the morning with FOP. I checked my watch when we talked out of Space at it was 12:18 AM. We were walking out of the park at 12:30 AM.


Second Day – MK

We were in front of the castle in time to watch the Welcome show. I could see DD5’s face who was on DH’s shoulder. She was in so much awe that I started to cry. It was really magical.

We didn’t have an FPP to see princesses since we were doing CRT but my daughter kept saying how she had seen all the princesses with Mickey in the show and how she couldn’t wait to meet them so we decided to go to Princess Hall with no line. We saw Rapunzel and Tiana first. DD5 was in heaven, her face said it all. So I turned to DH and said… let’s go see Elena and Cinderella too. We waited maybe 10 minutes and got in to see them both. It was amazing.

THEN…. we went to Barnstormer to beat the lines. And then we finally got started on my TP. We knocked out all of Tomorrowland with an FPP for Buzz and the Speedway.

Our last FPP was for Splash so we walked across the park to meet my brother and sister. I told DD5 all about the ride and confirmed that she wanted to go on it. DH played with DS on the little play area by Splash. DD5 loved Splash! We had a rider switch and DH told me he didn’t want to get wet so we used his FPP and all four of us rode it again.

We had an ADR for lunch at BOG for 4. But I told my brother and sister to come and see if we could add them. It was no issue. We had pre-ordered. They hadn’t so they stood in line and we walked in. We sat in the rose gallery which is so peaceful. Sister and brother joined us shortly after.

We split off with them again and went to Frontierland to watch the parade. But kids ended up passing out in the stroller. This was a good thing. DS was getting super tired and he takes it out on DD when he does so they missed most of it.

We then walked over to Adventureland wand got in line for Pirates but it shut down on us. So we did the Magic Carpets followed by a Jungle Cruise FPP. I then got us another FPP for BTMR and because of the rider switch, DD got to ride it three times.

At this point my sister’s boyfriend had come back from Blizzard Beach … he had gone on his own and left my sister behind and I told DH I didn’t really want to hang out with him… neither did my brother so he joined us for some rides in Fantasyland. We got an FPP for WTP and then the Tea Cups. That was about as far as we could push it with the kids.


Third Day – MK

We had an ADR for CRT on this day. We were the FIRST people stepping foot on Main Street that day. We got our family picture in front of the castle and then hurried on to the castle. We were the first ones in line. DD loved the experience of meeting Cinderella first and walking up the steps in the castle. We had princesses that day. I know some guests have the step sisters, fairy godmother and prince charming. I am glad we had princesses since DD loves them. The whole experience took about an hour. Since we had seen all the princesses at this point, I decided to cancel Akershus which ended up being a good thing because Epcot was kind of a messy day for us.

We then ran to Space mountain and snuck DD in however, she was measured again right before the ride and was turn down. DD got an extra FPP, we already had one from rider switch and then another one for his troubles. However, one FPP ended up being for Splash. We didn’t notice that until later. I rode Astro orbiter in the meantime with DS. From there we went to 7DMT to use our FPPs. Again with rider switch DD rode it FOUR times which was awesome. We knocked out the rest of Fantasyland including PPF, IASW and ETWB. ETWB was an awesome experience. DH was a Knight, DD was Chip and DS was a salt shaker. What a great attraction that is, Disney certainly did it right. I took video and loved every second of it. I didn’t have lunch planned for that day but we went over to Cosmic Ray’s to get closer to Space so DH could use the FPP before we ventured off too far.

We got an FPP for Pirates. We rode Splash with the FPP DH had gotten at Space and then we rode the train. DS really wanted to ride the train, he was asking for it all day so we did the loop. Then we had another FPP for BTMR but it was shut down so we got the golden FPP. We used to meet Ariel. We were actually going to split up and DH was going to take DS to see Buzz but when he overheard that I was going to take DD to see Ariel he asked to see her too. I underestimated how much the kids LOOOOVED meeting the characters. So we did that and then got another FPP for Buzz. On the way from Buzz we saw that Merida was doing a bonus appearance so we went to see her and were the last ones in line. She was wonderful with the kids. Our last ride was Under the Sea for a second time. Then we walked back home taking pictures along the way.


Fourth Day – Epcot

This was supposed to be our easy day. CL was 4 and I thought ok we are tired we’ll take it easy. But the morning was hectic.

We took the monorail from Poly to the TTC and then had to switch to Epcot that whole process took forever. Next time, I will walk from SOG to TTC. This was the only day that we were not at RD. Then the security line took forever. The lady that was checking us was excessive for us and for everyone. It just went on and on and it was so unfortunate because we had already had our bags checked at Poly. I had shown DH the TP Youtube Video on how to do Epcot so he was set on having to run to Soarin and Test Track despite the low crowd levels. So we run to Soarin, DH and DD get on and I went to LWTL with DS. DH was like let’s do soarin again it’s only 20 minutes but I had to push back and say no, let’s get an FPP for that later let’s go to the next ride. So he runs to TT and the line is 45 minutes. I told him again let’s wait for an FPP on this, it’s a low CL day, everyone is at this ride right now but let’s wait. He insisted so he took DD on that long line and then was texting me on how he was losing her attention span…… I could have told you that honey!

So DS and I went to Spaceship earth and then to our FPP at the Character Spot. Meanwhile DH and DD’s FPP at Mission Space expired. Luckily a CM let them in and the wait wasn’t that long anyway. We then swapped kids, I went to Mission Space while the rest of the family used their FPP’s at Spaceship Earth. It took a little while so I went ahead and got us lunch. After lunch we went over to Frozen and then to meet Anna and Elsa. Followed by Tres Amigos in Mexico.

DH and I had been pretty stressed out at this point and we had been snapping at each other. I was like “I have been spending a lot of time planning this trip and I could never get you interested, now you are just running around like a maniac and we are backtracking for no reason.” We decided to take a step back and he agreed to slow down his roll. We agreed that he would walk around the WS with DS in stroller to see if he would nap and I would go with DD to cash in on the RS for Soarin and TT.

DS fell asleep immediately in the stroller and took a multi hour nap which he desperately needed. DD and I decided to run into the Character Spot on the way to Soarin since we had time. She LOVED it again I underestimated how much the kids would love these experiences and even though I realized later I could have gotten a day of FPP for it, it was still worth the wait. Then we finally made our way to Soarin and then to TT. We hit up the Pixar shorts and then walked back to the WS. My one regret is that by having to backtrack into FW we did make it back late to WS and all the characters were gone. I wanted to see Belle, Alice, MP and Mulan but it just didn’t work out.

I talked DH into staying for Illuminations since it was our last night. We sampled along the way in the countries and made that dinner.

DD and DS fell asleep in their stroller as we walked to the TTC and that was a wrap for our days at the park.

All in all it was great. I would have really wished we could have played Epcot differently. I feel like I spent very little time at the WS but it’s ok. There’s always next time.

Thank you all for your help and for answering my questions. I couldn’t have done it without you all. I feel like now I can be of good use in the forum!!!


Glad you guys had a great trip! Enjoyed reading your report. Sounds like you got to do and see a lot!


I was traveling without any children and my SO and I totally had that kind of meltdown. Nothing like being tired, thirsty and hot to start bickering. It sounds like you had a great trip!

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Thanks, we did get so much in, I was pleasantly surprised!!

LOL, it’s inevitable at times I think. I am just glad we regrouped and ended the vacation on a high note. We have this picture in front Spaceship earth at night of just the two of us… kids were passed out in the stroller and he is picking me up. It’s really cute and it symbolized the teamwork!


What A Fantastic trip report! You got heaps done in a short time. I can imagine DH & I being like that. I’m the planner but he tends to take over when we’re there.

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Sounds like a great trip. Thanks for sharing!

This kind of thing is my worst Disney nightmare. I would not have handled it well. At all.

On my very first trip to WDW, perhaps 25 years ago when I was in my mid-20s I had a full-on tantrum at the TTC because our tour guide was taking too long sorting out our tickets. I had waited over two decades to come to WDW and I literally couldn’t wait a second longer.


I’m proud of you I would have lost it on sister boyfriend. I have a friend I travel with and he does this kind of stuff all the time. I have to do 100% of all the planing hours, days, weeks and when we get were we are going he pulls out his phone and say why don’t we do this or go here. I just want to say because #%@ you said you did not care. The last trip I did slip a snap and I told him this is how its going to be because you wanted me to plan the trip, I though my wife and daughter were going to give me a standing ovation.


Sounds like a good trip! Your Epcot day sounds a lot like how ours went too. I feel like Epcot with those under 4 is just difficult. I’m hoping to have a better Epcot experience once DS2 is older!

We were there a few weeks ago and I concur about Epcot security. Every park was thorough. But Epcot was “extra thorough”. Reminded me of the sloth in zootopia, every time.

It was a nightmare for sure. It felt like it was all happening in slow motion and fast motion all at once. At that point I didn’t know it was all going to work out and I was going to get to ride FOP after all so I was super frustrated.

GOOD for you!!!

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I agree it is hard for those under 4. If you get RS then you are spending a lot of time at each ride especially because walking from one attraction to the other takes time.

I just feel like so much of my time was eaten up coordinating when DH would be done and when I would ride the ride with a RS. Once DS can go on those rides we can actually spend more time in the WS and really taking in the pavilions.

YASSSS! That’s exactly what it was like.

The lady was digging so deep into the2 inch by 2 inch pockets of my backpack… I am like “lady, there is nothing there, nothing!!!”

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