Post trip moodiness

Day 4 of being back and can’t get out of the post-trip funk. Doesn’t help that I got a post-trip chest cold. Hearing everyone talk about free dining being released and their upcoming trips and I’m here all “blah blah” with nothing to plan :stuck_out_tongue: Funny since the first two or three days were a PITA with Disney resort issues, but those last two days were so good and magical I just wanna go back. Wont be for four years though since we want to take the kids to some other places and let them age up a bit into other rides and experiences. Sigh, how do you all get over the post trip funk? Besides planning the next one :slight_smile: I can’t even manage to go through pictures and write up my trip review yet.

I am not sure how you get over it, but I do the same thing. Post vacation blues are a REAL thing, especially after Disney because we’ve planned so long for it.


A post-trip post-nasal drip?

On day one after getting back from our vacation earlier this year, my wife and I started discussing plans for our next trip. It is the only way to deal with the post-trip dip.

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That vicious circle, work to get to vacation and then the major let down when it’s over and then you climb uphill towards it again.

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I’m actually genuinely worried about this. I’m going on my trip at the end of the school term. So I’m fairly busy up until then, and the trip is my reward for being a good boy who’s worked hard all year.

But when I get back it’s the school holidays. And I’ll have nothing to distract me. I’m expecting a full-on downer. I have next year’s trip to plan, but that’s such a long way off.

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Visit Alton Towers or Blackpool in the interim. It’ll at least be something to do.

There are two problems with that. First, my dog. When I’ve been to either of those places, I’ve taken my friends who are the ones who are looking after my dog when I’m in Florida. So they can’t look after him and there’s currently no-one else who can.

Second, I’m poor. I’ve spent all the money I have, and some money I don’t have, on the Disney trip.

Do volunteer work for a charitable organization.


After showing my mum the pictures from your birthday thread she may be slightly in love with Calvin and has just said ‘Tell him I’ll look after the dog’ :joy::joy: Some how I don’t think the cats support that sentiment

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The struggle is real. We’ve just been back from our first trip over a week ago. Usually go to DL and going there next year. I’m looking forward to it, but after intently planning our wdw trip, even though we love DL, I fear it may be like playing checkers after winning a chess championship.

We love being on vacation. We love vacationing at Disney. While it would be great to have a longer vacation and go more often, I’ve been reflecting on this a lot, and think the void is not the vacation itself, but the planning and executing of the overall plan that I am missing. So, I’ve been hanging out in this group, and some FB groups a lot. Probably chiming in more than I should. Because I feel like sharing helps me virtually do what I can’t really do.

Realistically, we won’t go back to wdw for 2-3 years. Yet I check current rates, dream about what I’d do differently, etc., and try to replan my past trip and hypothetically plan the next one.


Hmm. I wonder what it would take to retire, move down to Orlando and live at Walt Disney World for the rest of our days. Maybe even work there part time just for the fun of it. Live in some experimental prototype community of tomorrow or something. Then, there would never been a post trip let down.

Livin’ the dream, man. Livin’ the dream!

I guess I’ll need to start contributing more to my retirement fund.


Actually what I spend the majority of my time doing. Hmm, wonder though if there is some way to volunteer all of this disney knowledge into something good.

I’m right here with you in the slump, but my trip was this past December, so it’s been about 5 months. The planning process was really prolonged for me - it was an extended family trip of 10 people and I was the primary planner, plus there were lots of craft projects and secret Disney surprises and our Easter and birthday presents prior to the trip sort of revolved around things for Disney. I’m a Type A and enjoyed the detailed planning process, so I did suspect I’d feel a let down after the trip not just because the vacation was over, but because - NOW WHAT?! LOL!

Currently trying to figure a way to broach the subject with my husband to take a family trip back to WDW in 2020 for our 10th wedding anniversary! And that feels SO FAR AWAY!


To combat my disney blues I listen to park audio on youtube.

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