Post Lunch AK

We are headed to WDW the week Thanksgiving this year. I know crowds are heavy, so planning is a must. We have a big group of 6 adults, 3 little kids(4-7), and 4 big kids (12-15). I originally thought we could do AK on the Monday because of EMH, but because we have the little kids there for their first time, now I’m thinking we should start at MK for the morning, we have another day planned there too with BBB & CRT. If we get to AK after lunch, like 1 or 2, any recs on how to plan the day? What time for KS, to maybe see some active animals? Use advanced FP for MK or save for afternoon at AK? Not an Avatar family, so we can skip that stuff. Any ideas welcome! TIA

If I were you, I’d plan out my MK day on TP and see if you need the FPP for that day or want to save them for AK. If you hit RD at MK, you could get quite a bit done without FPP, but it’s up to you. I like the safari around sunset which probably would be early-ish at that time of year. But that’s a popular time and having a fastpass for it would be nice. You can see how long the wait is predicted at that time. Finally, are you sure the adults and big kids won’t want to ride FoP? It’s the best ride in WDW, in many people’s opinions. You don’t have to be into Avatar. I’ve never seen the movie and don’t care to, but the ride is our favorite and we typically plan 3 separate FPP days at AK just to ride it.

My plan is to be there for RD. MK opens at 9, so I think we can get into Main Street by 8. I’m thinking we can do the things that don’t really need an FFP and save our FFP for AK in the afternoon. We have another day at MK, so we can do the FFP rides that day, although part of it is taken up with BBB and CRT. Any thoughts on what rides might be good to check off the list in the morning at MK without FFP?