Post Limit per day


What is the daily post limit? 20? Is it per day or per 24 hour period? Asking because a @Camsdad and @MagicMN hit their limit and can't post anymore. I understand this is to keep us from having conversations within a thread and clogging up the thread, but is it possible to tweak this? For example, raise the daily limit, but have a lower per thread limit to avoid conversations? A lot of us are able to answer multiple questions per day and on top of that, may be asked for clarification on our answers. Also, some of us have the time to spend hours on here per day answering questions. (not healthy, I know, but true)

In addition, Personal Messaging seems to be included in that daily limit right now. @MagicMN is not able to reply to my PM's. She has to keep starting new ones.


I'm surprised there isn't a "chat" function, where a separate window pops up for offline (temporary) conversations.


@fred I think you can do group Private Messages that may function as a sort of chat.

Anyways, I think the post limit wears off once you advance to user level 1? It's a way to prevent flooding the forum, spamming, trolling, etc. I'm actually on my way somewhere right now, but I'll check their accounts and our user/post settings when I get back.


Thank you @daybreaker. They can't even use the personal messaging option right now. I sent each of them one and they can't reply. So it is not an 'offline' feature. The post counts seem to be connected between here and pm.

Side note; how do you get to level 1? I'm still listed as basic user but I don't seem to have a post limit.


Looked into it - the limits are only on the first day, and restrict a user to making 10 topics, and 20 replies.

I raised the replies up to 40. Do you think it should go higher? I dont want to risk running people off after one day, especially since the restrictions only occur for the first day


Should be good. I have both of their #s so I will let them know. Thank you @daybreaker