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Can shadows be warm and welcoming? Coffee and central heating fug? Almost used an emoji but reminded myself that you are a Brit…oops nearly did it again. It is always good to have something to look forward too, particularly on these dark and dank January days.

I’m glad you’ve discovered that life isn’t complete without a WDW trip countdown.

And I’m only half joking. :grin:


Don’t you just hate those mixed metaphors?

While I’m not that close, our May 2020 trip crossed below 500 days (489 days as of today). I’m not sure why, but that seemed much more significant than dropping from 600 to 599, etc.

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I’m one of those crazy people who loves everything melancholy. It makes me happy. So I vote yes :slight_smile:

@profmatt Very glad to hear your spirits have lifted.

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