Post Hurricane comments: SWGE, MNSSHP

Just completed a post-hurricane trip at WDW.

Galaxy’s Edge; gosh I just can’t put my finger on it. So I have to separate it into two different categories: New Land Experience vs Star Wars experience. As a new immersive land experience they’ve done really, really good job. We stopped in three times this past trip. I had a very similar reaction to this new land just as I did with Pandorah ……But the thing is …… it could easily be a galaxy land from ANY space-theme show: It did feel like another world … with a few Star Wars props and space ships dropped into it. The life-size Millennium Falcon is completely impressive and awe-inspiring. Swap it out with the SS Enterprise, and it could just as easily be a Star Trek: Galaxy Edge land. Or, swap out for the Milano and you have a new galaxy land for Guardians of Galaxy. I was completely impressed by the new land, At the same time, just let down a little bit that it wasn’t anything familiar to Star Wars, other than some large and small static, stationary, fenced-off, movie props. It wasn’t a “land” that I grew up knowing and caring about. Some really cool Star Wars props and the roaming Storm Troopers are very cool. Oga’s cantina was a big flop for us.

Millennium Falcon – Smugglers Run. Ugh. I wanted to love this ride. Here’s why I didn’t. For example I love FOP and Soarin’. The experience of flying and watching the new spectacular scenery is awesome to me. For MFSR, there are 101 distractions on the control panel, demanding your attention from watching where your are flying and encountering. Yes it is interactive, but that interaction of flashing lights to push one button, then another is actually distracting from watching where the ride is taking you. Didn’t love it. High hopes for RotR.

Mickey’s Not So Scary – there have been multiple posts about how crowded this is getting. I do agree, sort of. For a post-hurricane, low crowd level, our Tuesday Sept 10 MNSSHP did feel crowded and over-sold to be a “special limited event.” However that only applies to the Party Events: meet and greets, treat lines, both parades, and the fireworks. The walk-ways were still crowded for the party (and they were not during the day). The lines for attractions, however were very low. 10 minutes for all three mountains, and 30 minutes for 7D. If you can’t get an After-hours party, for low ride lines, and cool fireworks, this is still do-able. If you like the party events, you’ll be waiting in lines, and lines.

Quick note on the Not so Spooky Spectacular (new fireworks show). Very good. I loved the projections and the fireworks. The “hosts” of this show is Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy. So the audio track did seem a bit like “Disney Jr.” But the fireworks are really spectacular.


Interesting - I wonder what happened to Jack Skellington. I thought he was supposed to “host” the fireworks.

Yes, Jack is prominent, live-action on the castle stage. He does an open to the show, and a close. Micky, Minnie, Donald, Goofy monopolize the sound track of the actual show.

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Gotcha. I’m actually only going to see it because the friend coming with me wants to. I am one who does not like the projection-heavy “fireworks” shows like HEA, so if I were solo I would skip it for sure.

You are right on in your thoughts about SWGE. Our WDW family’s trip start next weekend and after reading all the blogs and watching youtube. We decided with the low crowds at Disneyland, we would spend the extra money and do a Star Wars day…oh we live in California. This way if WDW was crazy crowded we would just skip SWGE. We are huge Star Wars fans and we were so disappointed in SR the only way to appreciate the ride is to be one of the pilots. The first time we rode it I missed the whole ride because I was pushing buttons. At least Disney could have put the buttons in front of your seat instead off to the side. Oga’s is just okay, I truly was picturing the bar from the original #4 movie. It’s truly is a one and done kinda of land in my opinion. At this point really nothing to draw me back in. I am right there with you for RotR…here hoping!

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Yes, for the life of me, I cannot figure out why Disney did Galaxy Edge as a brand new, never heard of place.

Toy Story Land is clearly unmistakably Toy Story from the movie franchise.
Pandora is clearly unmistakably from the Avatar movie.
(Universal) Harry Potter is clearly unmistakably from the books and films.

WTH is Baatu ???

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Been to HS 2x last week. I agree. SWGE is cool, very immersive and WOW!!! MFSR is a good ride in its own right: the theming, the cockpit, the queue. But overall, it is solid “good” ride. Not great, not awesome. Combine FoP/Soarin + Mission Space and you have MFSR. I would have thought the tech improved way more in 10 yrs from my last visit.

My 3 rides were all under 45 minutes. I have done all positions. Funny, FoP is still pulling over 100 minute SB wait times at certain times. I have yet to see more than 60 on MFSR. Capacity? maybe…

Imagineers did a good job with theming don’t get me wrong, but the overall ride/story could be better. Again, great ride - go if you can. But don’t expect best ride ever created by WDW.

FOP is a much better, more enjoyable ride. MFSR, is more one- and- done