Post fireworks dessert party and MK after hours

Hey all, we’re going to the after fireworks dessert party in Tomorrowland terrace in April. Booked a while ago but just noticed that they’ve added Disney after hours for that night.

Is this likely to affect the dessert party at all, is it like to be cancelled or are we likely to be rushed so they can get us out of the park?

I actually did the After Party and had DAH tickets a couple of weeks ago. HEA was at 9, the park closed at 10 and DAH was 10-1. We left the dessert party before 10 but there were still many people there so they definitely weren’t rushing people off. The DAH people are the only ones who can get in line for rides after park close, but they don’t herd people out of the park or anything. I’m sure you can linger on Main Street if you want. It shouldn’t really affect you at all. Btw–every ride was a walk on during DAH and I loved it!

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Cheers for the info!