Post EMM touring strategy for MK? (tween boys)

We are doing EMM-Fantasyland on a level 4 day with our two 10-11 yo sons. Plan is to focus EMM on 7DMT with PP and WTP. We’d like to hit the EMM breakfast at Cosmic Ray’s close to end at 10.

Several questions:
-Are Space Mountain and Buzz the best strategy for rope drop, followed by breakfast, then elsewhere?TP wants us to start at tea cups, then head to Haunted Mansion, then breakfast.
-Is a quick breakfast right before 10 really messing us up touring plan wise?
-Is it better to start a TP at 10:15 for everything else? (Assuming I can’t lock our rope drop/breakfast and optimize the rest of the plan.)

Other details:
We are staying off property, so 30 day res for FPP.
We have a late lunch res at BOG.
This will be the first day of two in MK (second day may be split with Epcot, not sure yet.)
Thank you for helping my overthinking brain!

I would do SM and Buzz at rope drop. Then do breakfast and HM. You could start your plan at rope drop and then just add a break for your breakfast. If your break has a specific time, it should lock that in place for your TP when you optimize. When I do my TP’s I tend to optimize and then move some attractions around if I don’t like where they were placed. Then I hit evaluate.

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