Post-Covid trip planning

Been a while since I’ve seriously thought about a WDW trip - other than the “someday once this is all over” random conversations with my wife during the last 11 months of the pandemic. Last family trip was Feb '19, although I made a brief solo trip while in Florida on business in May of 2020. But with the pandemic Disney was never something we really considered, as we haven’t really done any travel since last March…

Until this week. This week changed our thinking for three reasons.

First, our home state opened up vaccinations to 65+, which includes my wife parents - and they got appointments for next weekend despite the massive failure that was the MA vaccination reservation system yesterday. Having them on deck to get vaccinated is a huge weight lifted off our shoulders and also gave us a glimmer of the end of all this - even if our turn doesn’t come up for a few more months.

Second, with the announcements today for the 50th - got us thinking again about our love for and enjoyment of WDW.

And third, given that 2020 for us included zero travel and entertainment, we have a bit saved up, so our thinking is that we are going to go all out when this is done.

So today we made reservations for two trips - a short one in early December of this year, as we’ve always wanted to show our boys WDW done up for the holidays (DS3 and DS10), and a weeklong trip in February of '22 the week of President’s day (which was the same week we did in 2019).

Don’t know what the year will hold, and we may adjust as things get closer depending on what the situation is like out there, but it feels good to have reservations and a plan at least. A nice glimmer of sunshine in these surreal times… And now I can get my planning mindset back in gear. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yay! Congrats on the trips and happy planning! Your trips sound wonderful! What resorts?

We love the Epcot resort area so we booked both for the Yacht Club, although we are considering switching to something else for the December trip to add some variety…

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I hope the train station is in the lobby if you stay there! I love the EP resorts at Christmas!

I forgot about all the resort decorations! I was thinking mainly about the parks.

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So exciting! We’re hoping to see WDW at Christmas for the first time this year too!

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