Possibly planning another trip (April 2023) what deals to keep watch for?

So after we came back after our trip less than a week ago, DH and I decided we really enjoyed getting away somewhere warm and fun with the kids and I think DH may have converted from being Disney skeptical to fully into the magic. I didn’t think that another trip would be in the works for awhile but perhaps we can dream and maybe work it out.

We stayed offsite in a condo for a significant savings and much more room…which was a perfectly nice way to stay, and it was easy to drive in each day from where we were. But I can’t help but think about what it might be like to be on property, especially around Epcot. Have people split stayed with some days on property and some days off? When do the hotel rates for 2023 show up? Do people find that renting DVC points is worth it even if there are bigger properties offsite? What are your biggest loves about staying onsite?

We did really like being able to cook food at the condo to save money and had our own bedroom as well. But I think it would be really fun to have a pool day at a Disney resort or someplace “fancy”, even though the condo pool was perfectly adequate and fun too.

I also looked into maybe going in September for a shorter trip (3 nights, 2 park days) and flying in, but it seems the per day costs decrease dramatically the more park days you add, and it is harder to book “off season” due to family school schedules so I can’t really extend that trip out. It seemed like also to go down for that short amount of time would cost at least half of what it cost to do the trip we came back from. For reference our last trip was 6361.00 for everything, including travel by car from MD and hotel in Jacksonville, park tickets, G+, groceries/snacks/restaurants, and too many souvenirs for 9 days which included 2 full travel days of driving, 1 travel/Disney Springs split day, and 6 park days for 4 people.

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People do split stays all the time. Renting DVC points definitely makes the cost of deluxe resorts (which include kitchens in 1 bedroom and larger units) much more economical than going direct through Disney. It woould definitely be much more expensive than an offsite condo though. I agree it makes sense to take longer trips due to the lower cost per day of the tickets. You do have to consider the higher food and lodging costs for the longer trips too though.

The whole “is it worth it to stay onsite” question is a tough one for sure. It’s become harder and harder to justify staying onsite in the last few years. If you don’t mind driving and won’t miss the early entry hours I’d be hard pressed to pay so much more to stay on property.

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