Possible Trip Enablement Offer from Frontier Airlines

I liked Sun Country a lot before they changed formats. Now that they’re budget, less so but they’re still fine. The big contrast for me was taking a split trip in 2020 with Delta one way and Sun Country the other. It was night and day, even when accounting for the fare difference. But now with the difference being closer to 4:1 rather than 2:1, I’d have a very hard time justifying Delta. (I’m sorry Delta, I do love you and will never give you up completely!)

I also enjoy Terminal 2 for the casualness but I’ll admit I like the bustle of Terminal 1 and the far greater selection of food for my “overpriced meal before flight” needs.

Got the email
TLDR: $599/yr; Can only book 24 hours in advance


Would be hard to make that work for the price and ALL of those blackout dates, last minute, all the fees, taxes and they probably make you wash the plane. :smiley:


It’s the accommodations that are the blocking point. But if I owned a house somewhere else and I wanted to run away immediately and often, this type of ticket would prove quite useful.


I can see this for those extravagant day trips. Basic economy airport parking, no bag (or very small), fly out to … wherever, check out things within about a half hour around the airport, catch the last flight of the night or the first flight home in the morning.

If one is cool sleeping in an airport lobby for a few hours, one could definitely get some use.

if you can master the “roll with it” mentality, this COULD rock.

Definitely if you can rock and roll with whatever.

Me, time, a backpack, and a wallet full of credit card points to book hotels? Sure.
Add my family: not so much.
(And they are great travelers, Just the dynamic is different and last day bookings = :scream:)

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At only $600, I would only need to take 3, maybe 4, one-way flights to break even.

I’m glad this is my Africa year, but am sad I can’t use this now because it’s my Africa year. This would otherwise be very appealing to me. Since my time and dollars are already spoken for it’s not helpful this year. Well, and I guess the no-AP thing inhibits me a bit too.

Do they do this annually?

Yes. This too. This is ideal for solo travel only

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I think the problem is - there WILL be a nice amount of fees and taxes for the “unlimited free” flights, because: Frontier. I’m guessing the break even will be higher than 3 or 4 trips?

Many flights I’ve checked for fun from Long Island to MIA or MCO are in the $40 - $70 range (with discount den membership.) Other parts of the country weren’t that much more and I think any that would be higher $ are likely blackout dates anyway.

Oh I guess I missed that.

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This is the first time they’ve done it. The email indicates that for those that don’t get in on the “limited number of passes” at $600, the price will be $2k. And the renewal price next year will be $2k also

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