Possible to pay using gift card numbers without physical cards?

Hi, I’m wondering if it’s possible for pay for on-site stuff at Disney World and Disneyland using just a Disney gift card number and PIN — even if I don’t have the physical card with me. Is there any problem with doing this?

Thank you…

Like reading the number and pin out to a CM and have them type it in at the cash register? I seriously doubt it, but have never tried. What is the reasoning for wanting to do this vs. having a physical card?

Oh, convenience and simplicity. Easier to store lots of stuff electronically than carry paper and cards around, ya know?

You can put up to 1,000 on one disney gift cards by transferring the balances. You can definitely pay with an e-gift card at the park. Just entering a card with numbers and the PIN – I’d avoid that. They’re opening themselves up to loads of fraud if they do that just in shops vs. a call to buy tickets or something where they can readily identify the purchaser.

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That was going to be my next suggestion - just combine gift cards into one larger one. Can save up to 5 gcs on the Disney site, so if you ever lose you can can transfer the balance away to a card that you do have as soon as you realize it as a way to protect yourself.

At WDW, if you are staying onsite you can always charge to your room via Magicband and then pay off the charges with a gift card every couple of days. Typing in 16 numbers + an 8 digit pin sounds a bit less convenient than just swiping, but that’s just me. I would get a stick-on card case for the back of my phone if you just wanted to carry your phone with nothing else.


Thanks for the tips, both of you — I should’ve mentioned that I did combine some balances beforehand, but then I was pondering whether I really want to carry around a fairly large-value card. Maybe it’ll be fine though, if I record the numbers and transfer balance ASAP if I accidentally lose it.

I always worry I’m going to lose the card too (but we normally just spend it really fast so no worries there). We always each carry a card so if we get separated we both have some on the gift card. Also, for some reason I don’t like to put gratuity on the card - I want the final value swiped to be final. I carry cash for the tips – I’m just weird like that. :slight_smile:

I always keep a blank card so if I lose the one I have loaded I can log onto the website and transfer the balance to the blank card.

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I just paid for my whole package as I’m less than 30 days out. I bought a bunch of target /Disney cards. Wee, just loaded 67 of those little suckers. 2 1/2 hours. But saved 5 %:). As target gives you 5 % off if you buy with your TARGET CARD!

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