Possible to change username


Hi there, I didn’t really want my actual name as my username… can’t seem to edit it in settings / preferences. Help?


Have you changed it on the website?


Wow! Touring plans is impressive :wink:


Thanks for that! Didn’t come up with anything creative but at least it’s not my email anymore!!!


Yay! I am glad it worked!


I did that a couple of days ago and it didn’t work for me. When I log in and go to my Dashboard, I see my new user name there but it didn’t propagate to the forums


I’m so glad to have found my people! After much aggravation I realized that you need to also find the logout specific to the forum and logout there as well…just signing out of the website doesn’t do it… I would send you a picture of how to do that but is beyond my capabilities!!! I have absolute faith you will figure it out because believe me if I could you are all set!!!


You click on the circle by your name and use that logout button


It will it just takes several days for it to change on the forum.


That was it! I logged out and back in on the forums not on the TP website and it reset. Woohoo! Thanks


If you only knew how funny it is that I was helpful​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


A belated thank you!