Possible new security screening being trialled

Looting in the parks?

I would assume yes. My mother is also always pulled b/c of artificial knees.

Disney Springs.

Then this is just a simple math problem. We must maintain 6 feet of distance between people and scan one person per second. Therefore each person must travel 6 fps. That works out to slightly over 4 mph (6.5 kph for the non-Americans). Better do some stretches before taking a brisk jog through the scanner!

More realistically, family groups who are traveling together will be able to walk through as a group, and there will be 6 feet between them and the next group.

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Yes, of course that’s how it can work. People don’t have to be 1 second apart for it to work lol!

But in the video the ops guys are ushering everyone through and making them bunch up to a normal line. Did you watch it, it’s a short clip but they’re clearly breaking Disney”s own rules - which of course will lead to problems trying to enforce them inside Disney Springs.


It’s being reported that Universal has already relaxed the distancing rule, or at the least relaxed enforcement of it from when they first reopened.


Do you mean there has been rioting and looting (looting implies riot or war) at Disney Springs or do you mean shoplifting (theft from shops in Disney Springs)?

I believe you are outside the US.
We have had two very full weeks of rioting and looting across the country.
While some of the rioting has been done by people within their own neighborhoods, much evidence suggests that there are organized agitators who travel to locations to generate riots. I am sure local officials and TWDC are keenly alert at this time.

According to Kenny the pirate, this scanner can even calculate park entrance numbers.

  1. temperature check
  2. security scan (cuts out metal detector & bag check)
  3. counts capacity

Amazing if they can streamline all these.


We haven’t had any riots here in Tacoma. There have been some attempts at looting, mostly not successful. We have had many, many nights of peaceful protests. There were some attempts by a few outsiders to hijack the protests for their own ends, but these were largely unsuccessful. Maybe the news is showing us only the places that have what you would call riots, but I think most of the country has been seeing peaceful protests.


My smallish city has had nights of rioting and burning. I’m fairly certain every task force is alert to the possibility.

Yes, across the pond. I understand where you are coming from but you did imply looting in Disney Springs! No news of that seen over here. Make sure you and your family stay safe.

I was implying that safety protocols would help limit the threat. :+1:


That is exactly where my mind went as well…

'Get Ready for a surprise…"


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This is pretty neat. I don’t have a problem with the spacing if they’re outside and wearing masks.

Although it speeds things up a lot (and probably increases the accuracy of the screening for weapons) one thing they don’t mention is that it’ll protect the cast members. Screening travelers at airports turned out to be a high-risk occupation. So I’m really glad they’re looking out for their staff.

You can’t adequately test a weapons screening system without bringing some actual weapons through it, so they need a few visitors who are allowed to carry a gun.


I’m sure that WDW security and the vendor supplying the equipment are sending people through to test the system.

TSA regularly does it at airports, and usually fails

Hope WDW does better


It doesn’t say that system fails. It only says they’re trying to implement it and there are glitches. It sounds like it’s not really being implemented yet, it’s still in the installation phase. In fact, they say Congress is pushing for more of the units, since they seem to be an improvement over what TSA does now.

It does say that TSA screening as a whole fails, but we’ve known that for a long time. That’s why some people call it “security theater”. And I’m sure it’s security theater at WDW right now, too.

Even after it’s installed it’s still going to miss most cases of COVID19, since we know temp scans aren’t that effective. But, it’s better than nothing.

At least they’ll be fast and ineffective, instead of slow and ineffective!:rofl:

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There were new Notices of Commencement” filed today for “electrical work” at the entrances to all four parks and the TTC.

Maybe things are moving forward. Seems too much of a coincidence not to be, given the locations. Unless it’s the cooling tents if they use air conditioning.