Possible new security screening being trialled

Looks as if WDW have invested in new security screening big time.

I wonder how many they would need? Would they use them to keep the monorail and Skyliner in a security bubble, or just at the parks?


That is pretty amazing technology.

I wonder if it will still think my insulin pump is a weapon like most metal detectors do. I always end up having to show them my pump after being pulled aside. It would be nice for this to NOT do that!


How awesome would it be if these were at all the park entrances, wow

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Maybe, just maybe this one of the "baby steps"that we keep being told about.

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“By adding a thermal sensor and the Evolv TempCheck™ software application to the Evolv Express weapons detection platform, visitors can be screened for elevated skin temperature in an average 2-3 seconds followed by immediate, frictionless, and touchless weapons screening.”

Makes me think of the movie Total Recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger.
How cool is that.


I doubt it unless the pump looks like a weapon - looks like it will be using AI and pattern recognition - a bit like that scene from Total Recall (the Arnie version).

So there’s a problem with this, as it’s being trialled. Anyone spot it without reading the comments?


No social distancing?

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There is zero attempt there. The two Disney personnel (or scanner ops) are 6 ft apart from each other but not from the guests, and the guests are being ushered to move as closely as possible.

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Does it even work properly when they are that close?

Watching the advertising video, it seems that even having more than one person pass through at a time is allowed.

It will be great if it works. But agree that they need to better handle social distancing.


That’s the point. It screens one person every second.

They obviously want to test it with a continuous stream of people going through.

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I don’t see a problem. Looks to me like everyone is wearing a mask.

Without getting into the debate over masks, Disney have been constantly trying to enforce social distancing within Disney Springs, and everything about re-opening have re-iterated about social distancing.

Yet here they are ignoring their own protocols.


Maybe because long term they don’t expect 6’ to be the rule, but 3’ instead?

Hmm. I wonder how they confirm this is working. Are they having folks pass through standard metal detectors as well and comparing results? Are they purposely sending through folks with weapons to see how well they are detected? Or are they just trusting the company on their claims? Curious minds.

Still, I can’t help but love the idea of this replacing standard security checks.

in link, see answer to: Have there been studies demonstrating your technology’s detection rate compared to the more traditional methods?

Someone said on chat that there were tons of police officers and K-9 units at the springs. I am guessing that was their fail safe for trialing this new security system?

We can talk coronavirus and temps all we want, but I think there has to be a laser focused effort to stop looting going on here.