Possible new countdown - which hotel

There is a chance we will get to go to WDW next June. Right now we think we will be staying with friends who are DVC owners and renting a portion of the points needed. I am not sure that will work out though and already have my heart set on the trip so I am making back up plans.
We have only ever stayed at POR and BC. This trip would need to be more budget friendly than BC. We love POR but I am curious about Art of Animation LM. Can anyone tell me, based on our loving POR, if you think we would like it? The reason for considering it, as it isn't all that much cheaper than POR, is the theming for the kids.
We would be booking with an AP discount if that matters.

We have not stayed at AoA, but we also adore PORS. We went there for lunch to explore and check it out however. I had the same thinking - that we should try all the resorts and the theme looks great (they show AoA on the DME every time and it gets me thinking). But, it's not the charm and beauty of PORS. DS10 thought AoA was cool looking but compared to PORS even he said it would feel a little like staying at the Mall of America (we are from MN).

I appreciate the landscaping and walking the paths, I love the river and the boats. I like the courtyards and back, hidden pools and fountains at PORS.

AoA felt like a lot more activity, higher energy level. Food court was nice.

I would go POFQ or CSR if you LOVE PORS but want to try something new.

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Thank you. I almost tagged you after seeing you are as big a fan of POR as we are. If it weren't for being able to walk to two parks I would probably say we liked it better than BC. Our girls are going to be 5 and 8 and that is why I am debating AoA. Maybe one time while they are still relatively little. And then POR for life, haha.
The other thought I had was maybe to do POFQ as older DD has requested to stay where the beignets are many times. The short walk is too much for her at times.
Or if we go back to POR maybe stay in Alligator Bayou for the first time. I tried to request it last trip and they didn't have availability so we were upgraded to a Royal Room, which was the only type of room we had ever been in there.

We were put in AB last time and man, not the same feel at all. I decided I really like the mansion buildings, and maybe prefer the standard mansion rooms over RR. They are very fresh and light - feel really clean.

Have the kids done the Pirate Adventure cruise yet out of PORS? It's a good one. POFQ pool change would be fun and close to beignets (and hurricanes) is always fun.

Remember that your kids have the best time when YOU are happy too. At the end of the day, AoA is going to feel a little more institutional, no matter the amount of theme and decor, just because they are large rectangular buildings sitting in the middle of parking lots.

I'd stick to the Sassagoula River if I was you smile

That is really good to know. I thought the royal rooms were a bit dark so I would like to check out the mansion rooms or FQ next time. I think the Pirate Adventure is 4 and up so my youngest was too little last time. Will definitely check that out. I think they would love it. I do have other resorts I want to check out someday but they are all not budget friendly for next year (WL and Poly).

You will def like the mansion room - bright walls, I can't describe it properly but it's a very good light shade of green, very subtle, white moldings, white sink vanity area, white tiled shower, great bed lights and lighter carpet. It's like the room would taste like a after dinner mint (if rooms tasted like something).

Wait for Poly to be fully done and fabulous - and the snails pace of disney construction, I'll believe it when I see it that the resort is completed before 2016.

Planning and choosing resorts is so much fun!

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I loved AoA, but it is a big difference from POFQ and CBR. AoA, especially over in the LM section, feels a lot more like Pop. Now I LOVE Pop, but if you're looking for something like POR, there really is a big difference. The LM rooms are basically Pop rooms with a different color paint and different carpet and a cute headboard. The atmosphere isn't that "set apart from the world" feeling that you get at POFQ, because it is bigger and busier, but I actually LOVE it over at AoA, and I do find the lake view awesome.

It IS fun! WL and Poly will be years from now. Our 2016 trip will be a combo WDW and our first Universal trip so I am earning and saving as many SPG points as possible so we can hopefully have most of our WDW stay at the Swan for free.

That is good to know @B_squared. I wish my trip in a couple weeks was longer and I could go check it out. I think we need to try what @MagicMN did and visit some resorts. Other than POFQ, GF and Poly we have never been to a resort we were not staying at. I always worry about losing too much time doing that. But it might be a good way to preview some possibilities for future trips.

AoA is really fun to just walk around, because the theming is super cool, and they have nice dinner in the food court -- make your own pasta, and a Disney version of Indian food. And, of course, corn dog nuggets. smile

The resorts are like mini-parks. And a lot of not only good table service, but better-than-the-parks counter service too,

We loved AoA LM and would consider staying there again, as part of a split stay, probably. The theming really is fantastic and all three pools are great.

But in my opinion the average, for example, Holiday Inn room is quite a bit more comfortable than an AoA LM room. I mean in terms of linens, mattress quality, room size, shower size. I have never stayed at a Mod resort, so I have no personal point of reference, but it sounds like those resorts definitely offer more in terms of room "comfort."

Yay for a new countdown! smile

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