Possible Lower Spring Break Crowds?

Maybe this is just wishful thinking but I am wondering if the end of March may be slower than usual. I say this because I didn’t have any issues finding all the fast passes I needed, including a 3pm 7DMT right at 60 days and afternoon FOP still available at 60+3. Anyone else going at the end of March and notice this when you did your fast passes?

The only special event that I’ve seen sold out is the Frozen dessert party on the Tues/Thurs EMH days.

ETA: I’m still going to go into it with a high crowd level touring plan/mindset but I just found the fp situation interesting.

I had been looking to add days for my parents and there wasn’t much available the 3rd week of March onsite.

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We are there the last week. I still see a good bit available right now but I suppose that could change between now and then.

One reason could be because a lot of spring breaks correlate with Easter and Easter isn’t until the second week in April this year.