Possible for non-guests to be dropped off at MK-area resort?

I’m helping my wife plan a visit to MK for a weeknight Disney Very Merriest After Hours event. We haven’t been to the parks since February 2020 but we visited many times over the prior decade. This time, she’ll be in Orlando for a conference at the Loews Sapphire Falls at Universal and plans to take a small group over to the event at MK via Lyft or a car service. With regards to setting up the transportation, the TTC presumably is the customary spot for drop-off and pickup … but she’d prefer to be dropped off and picked up at the GF for a chance to see its decorations as well as its convenience to walk to MK. Is that possible these days without having a room or dining reservation?

Yep. Whose going to stop you? TTC is for parking to enter MK. You can drive up and drop people off at any resort and many people who rent cars can do just that. You can also drop them off at MK, Epcot, Hollowood Studios or Animal Kingdom. If you want to stay though and park your must have a reservation of some type. That’s what TTC is all about. You park and use WDW transportation.

My understanding is you must have a hotel reservation, dining reservation, or mobile food order in order to be dropped off at a resort hotel (especially a resort with direct access to a Magic Kingdom). I believe they check at the security gate when entering the resort.

Uber/Lyft can only drop off at the TTC at Magic Kingdom.

Pickup via Uber/Lyft should not be a problem at resorts.


It seems to be very guard-dependent as to whether people are allowed through or not. Table service dining reservations will get you in without issue; quick service may help but some have reported issues even with that. Especially at the busier times of years, those at the guardshacks seem to be more strict on the rules.

That said she can always try, but be prepared to be turned around to TTC. They can always monorail over to GF from there, see the decorations, and walk on to MK.

I’d hate to tell you it’s absolutely fine and then have her run into trouble without knowing there are some caveats to the plan she has.


Like @Neibert12 said, since reopening you need a reservation of some sort to be dropped at a hotel. I don’t know how closely that is being observed now or if it’s quietly gotten looser. If they drop off at TTC they can monorail over to GF, see the decorations, then monorail to MK.


Thank you, all, for the great advice. She will probably drop off at TTC and monorail to GF for the decorations and mobile order Gasparilla’s (as the park’s dining options are limited during the event). Then do pick up at Contemporary so as to have monorail or walk options when they leave MK.


That’s a solid plan right there!

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Definitely a good plan.

I also recommend walking to the Magic Kingdom from the GF. It’s a nice walk, well lit, and most likely quicker than the monorail (when factoring in waiting for the monorail). Also, the path starts near Gasprilla’s

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Excellent recommendation! Thanks!