Possible Florida Hurricane

Anyone else still up in the air? We are supposed to leave Fri morning and still do not know what to do…

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I haven’t decided yet? Waiting on better weather predictions. I’m also waiting to hear anything from Disney. I’m supposed to check in the flights Friday at 5:45 a.m. but I think I’ll wait. I’ll get a worse boarding class, but worth waiting it out.

Yes, still planning on going. Have packed some portable food, a couple of flashlights and plenty of rain gear. Don’t think I’ll need the emergency supplies but trying to be prepared.

We are supposed to arrive Saturday. We are making a game time decision… no flights involved.

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I am here now thru Sunday as long as I can fly out then.

We are coming from the uk on Saturday 9th, really hoping it will move further east.
We may have to fly into fort Walton beach, never been to that area before. Know it’s a 6 hr drive, so really hoping we can still land at Orlando. Really don’t want to cancel the holiday trip been planning for over a year. But not sure we should really be flying into a hurricane though. It’s a waiting game.

According to local news down here, as of right now MCO will be closing at 5:30 pm on Saturday.


Evidently MCO changed their mind and took down that notice. https://orlandoairports.net/

You are correct they, did lift it for now.

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Reading predictions of Contraflow being activated and south bound access routes/points into Florida being blocked. Good luck!

Well, I do know my flight out for Sunday evening has been cancelled.

My flight in Sunday morning was cancelled this afternoon. I rebooked for Monday morning. We’ll see how that goes.

Thanks. This is a good site to watch.

Well, with the latest forecast and model of the storm we are planning to ditch our trip. So disappointed with all the planning that has gone into it. Also sad to lose my vacation. But I hope the folks in Florida get lucky and something happens to weaken this storm or push it someplace else. I hate to lose my vacation, but its only a vacation…

Looking worse!

So sorry to hear that so many have no choice but to cancel. I am glad I came down, at least I will get 3 great days in the park. Still no word on whether Diusney will or will not close. They did cancel MNSSHP for Saturday. Not sure how this will all pan out but at least I was able to extend my room thru Tuesday.