Possible Florida Hurricane

I’m going the 9th which puts me in it’s line of fire.

How do you figure? It is forecast to head due west. It will impact the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean. Nothing about a Florida impact.

Any impacts to the U.S., if any, would be a full 10 to 11 days away, according to Dean. Forecaster should have a better idea by next week where the storm is going, once Irma moves father across the Atlantic.

We are going the 9th too. I am keeping my eye on Irma as well :eye: :umbrella:

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Orlando is REALLY far inland.



Not looking very promising

How you feeling right now? Looking like I should be able to land in the morning, but after that I don’t know.

Flying in the 9th as well. Do you think flights into FL will be cancelled? this is all new to me… planned this vacation for a year :frowning:

At the moment, and that’s not much right now, I think if you are landing in the morning you will be ok, they are showing a southerner Florida landfall on Sunday. We really won’t know till probably Friday what is really going to happen.

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There’s clearly going to be some impact on holidays and plans

Hope it’s not too bad for any of you!

My favourite Caribbean Island - St Maartin has been badly hit according to early reports. Love that place

The famous airport (where the planes land next to the beach) heavily damaged. And 4 of the sturdiest buildings on the island destroyed amongst early reports


“Disneyland” is looking much more promising this weekend?

So sorry to hear about St Maartin. Has anyone heard info re Vieques Island, just east of PR mainland? We’re there often, have stayed at the inn just on the northeast coast of island this year.

It’s just a bit west of St Thomas, so I’m hoping everyone we know there is ok.

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