Portable Charger

Can anyone recommend a good portable phone charger?

I have a Jackery Giant that I’ve used for years and love. It’s a little bigger than many chargers, about the size of a deck of cards but it charges 2 devices at once.

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If you want lightweight, get the Fuel Rod. It can be exchanged at most airports and throughout WDW for a charged device. You can also charge it yourself. It’s $20-$30 depending on where you purchase.

I’ve got a small Anker, very lightweight and charges my iphone7 twice.

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I have a small Anker, too. It is about the size of a lipstick tube. It was a lifesaver when I went to Disneyland.

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Try monoprice.com. Chargers start at $6.99. Multiple sizes available. Good source for electronics.


I do love me some monoprice…

We have a few Jackery chargers, one is a bit larger and the others are slimmer. They not only work well, but hold a charge longer than a few days!

Anker or Ravpower are my favorites.

Another Anker user here too! Its great for doing the Fastpasses and playing Pokemon in the parks.

I also got an anker which worked well for us, but it was heavy. Go for a smaller one.

Here’s my favorite moderate size Anker - manageable size, but a ton of charge:

Thanks everyone!

I’ve got a ravpower that’s been great. I still get 7 charges for my iPhone after well over a year of use. It also has 2 ports to charge 2 devices at once. It is a bit bulky and heavy to carry in a pocket. My plan is to use a couple of the small tube Duracell ones I got from Costco for my wife and I. We can use those to charge our phones while in our pockets. After that charge I’ll recharge the Duracell off my ravpower in our day bag and continue that cycle.