Port Upgrade?

DCL newb here. I’m considering taking my family on a 2021 sailing and agonizing over which stateroom to book. I kind of like the idea of trying my luck at a port upgrade but does anybody know if those are still happening in current times? And in either case, if anybody has a suggestion for a room on the Fantasy that has 3 sleeping surfaces, I’m all ears. My dream is a one bedroom suite but if that’s not happening, I just want the least expensive but comfortable option. Thanks!

Even in non-COVID times port upgrades are RARE. If you are booked for 4 there will automatically be “three sleeping surfaces”. If not, best to go incognito and search for availability for 4, then change your cabin to one of those.

Thanks! I know there are a ton of open staterooms so seems like I’d have a decent chance, just not sure how it works with the new procedures for checking in/getting tested, etc.

Not a clue.

Everyone I know who has been since restart has reported the “No upgrades available” sign. Now more than ever it seems to be “book the category/cabin you will be happy with”.

I’d encourage you to visit the Cruise Critic forums. They are fairly active even now.