Port Orleans Riverside

My boyfriend and I are leaving in one week! for our first Disney trip together! We’ll be staying the POR and we were wondering what some of the pros/cons if each area are. We have a standard room, any suggestions on requesting a room? Thanks everyone! Any room is going to be great, especially since it’ll be my first time staying on property.

I would look at the photos of both the Magnolia Bend section and Alligator Bayou section. I love the mansions, but my sister loves AB.

Since the walkways are on the outside, I always keep my blinds closed in my room and view does not matter. Do you want ground floor (there may be a walkway over the room) or an upper floor?

My family stayed in the Magnolia Bend section (building 85) and we really liked it. The walk from the main building past the pool and by the water was pretty, and we felt like we had good access to everything (main building, main pool, quiet pool/laundry, busses, etc.). Also the rooms were pretty and comfortable.

There aren’t so much bad rooms as much as FAR rooms. The resort is HUGE and because of that you can do a lot of walking to get to the main buildings or even to the nearest bus stop. My suggestion if you plan to eat in the food court, Boatwrights, use the bar, the arcade, the feature pool, or take the boat to DS is to request Magnolia Bend. The mansions are a very nice area and will put you closest without having to book a special room category. There is nothing wrong with the other sections of the property but some of the AB buildings are quite a hike to the central area. If you won’t use the facilities though then just ask for the one that appeals to you most.