Port Orleans Riverside- Woodsview option

Hi All - I heard that Port orleans is changing room types for riverside they will have a Woodsview option now - instead of “garden view” - interesting…i just got off the phone with Disney and this was an option for July timing… do you have any further info on this - i thought it was very interesting.

I was JUST looking at Port Orleans rooms for October and they were still listed as Garden View. I think Woods view is at Wilderness Lodge maybe? Could the CM have been looking at something else?

How could that be possible? They spend so much time on their gardens?

I just had to rebook for September due to COVID and I have a “Woods View” as well for POR. I have stayed here numerous times and never seen that - is that going to be comparable to Garden View (which I always book)?

I wonder if people have complained that the “bayou” views at Riverside aren’t necessarily gardens? They are definitely woods, but I understand “garden view” to just be greenery.

It looks like Woods view is Garden View:

Thanks for posting that! My TA made the changes, so I didn’t see that it had changed.

Maybe?! I’ve always had Garden and have never had anything to complain about - it’s my favorite resort :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting! That explains why I couldn’t find any info on woods view rooms!